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  1. Bleach Live-Action Movie

    TY :DD But yeah lets hope Tite Kubo doesnt give warner bros Bleach. All hollywood live action movies suck... Dbz's dragonball revolution (didnt watch it but ads looked bad) and Gundam's G-Savior Didnt no Gundam even had a live-action movie till recently which just says how much it sucks =/ edit: Just Found The Article: From The Hollywood Reporter, ICV2 and MTV.com: Word from Hollywood says that Warner Brothers is in talks to secure the rights to produce a live-action feature film based on Bleach, the popular action-adventure shonen manga series by Tite Kubo. According to the Hollywood Reporter article, Peter Segal, the director of Get Smart and 50 Dates is slated to produce the film, along with his Michael Ewing, Segal's partner at Callahan Filmworks. VIZ Media, the American publisher and licensor of the Bleach manga and anime will also be playing a key role in this production. With mostly comedies to his credit, Segal seems at first glance to be an unlikely choice to produce the film version of this action-packed series, but he is reportedly "been seeking to expand his portfolio by taking on darker, more action-oriented material." This is far from the only live action manga adaptation in the works at Warner Brothers. Savvy manga movie watchers might also remember that Allen and Albert Hughes, the sibling directing/producing team behind Book of Eli, Menace II Society and From Hell have been in talks to develop a live action version of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo's iconic cyberpunk sci-fi epic. Even after the dismal box office returns for Imagi Studios' production of Astro Boy (2009), Hollywood's interest in making manga into movies hasn't abated. The MTV article also mentions Vampire Hunter D and Ghost in the Shell as other titles currently in development for the big screen.
  2. Bleach Live-Action Movie

    Thats true but it seems to b a thing now to do live-action movies... Avatar:The Last Airbender Live-Action movie is being released in the being of July and thats going to b in 3D and Warner Bros already has the rights to other anime... and they r thinkin of makin a Death Note live-action movie... even though its been done... it seems every1 is tryin to hit the anime live-action market... =\
  3. Bleach Live-Action Movie

    Ok I know that this is like 2 months old but i just found out that Warner Bros is trying to get the rights to bleach for a live action movie I'm kinda curious how it will turn out, but I'm sure its going to suck if they do make it... Do you guys think they should make it¿ and if so, who do you think should b the cast for which character¿
  4. Code Geass Anime & Manga Discussion [Spoilers]

    I heard about this awhile ago but it was just a rumor then... YAY I cant wait! <3 code geass
  5. Im actually watchin a lot... Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, D.Gray-man, Bleach, Bamboo Blade, Trinity Blood and like 5+ more ><
  6. Manga You're Currently Reading?

    Im reading Ghost Hunt... forgot where i left off hahaha... its good besides the main character mai doesnt look the same as the anime.
  7. Shinigami, Soul Reaper, or Death God?

    Ive only watched dubbed so far so im use to soul reaper but im goin to watch subbed soon so i dont no if that will change =\
  8. Hey ppl ^^

    Hey every1 im shadow, my fav shows: Naruto ship, One piece (funimation... 4kids sucks ), bleach, death not, code geass, inuyasha and like a million more xD i have trouble choosin my favs... oh all those shows im watch dubbed and they arent in any special order. shadow