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  1. Text (What you want it to say): Geysir Sub-Text (Other text): Size (Sigs are normally 350x140 or 400x100) (avatars are 100x100) (Buttons are 88x31 or 88x15): A decent Banner size Images (Links Appreciated, we cannot offer to find images for you):http://planetrenders.net/renders/displayimage.php?pos=-18115 http://media.ubi.com/us/games/haze/downloads/HAZE-CommunitySig1-deded999.jpg http://media.ubi.com/us/games/haze/downloads/HAZE_Web_Avatar_Trooper_96.jpg Color Scheme: Dark Grey/ black yellow Kind of Graphic(Banner, Button, Sig, Avatar, etc): Banner Things to Avoid: dm Other Comments: You don't have to use all the pics.
  2. What is the best game for the wii you have pllayed?
  3. I remember the play-off to qualify for Euro 2004, when Scotland played Netherlands. First Leg. Jmes McFadden scores the winner, 1 - 0 we won, to get humped 6 - 0 away from home, My God that was a terrible game to watch.
  4. Shevchenko is a totaly different player for the Ukraine, I watched him against Scotland and he was every where on the park, He took everything on the park. I thought I was watching a different player. A class defender certainly is Micah Richards, I am extremely impressed with his maturity. Altough he plays for England! Leeroy Lita is also a great young player, I am also a Reading Fan BTW. The Scotland game tomoorow should be great. We just need 4 points from 2 games against Georgia away and Italy at Home and then we are through. To Euro 2008!
  5. All I want to say is....Scotland, Scotland, Scotland!
  6. no i reallly like it thank you!
  7. thank you very much, i love ity
  8. Hello, My name s is Tenacious Lee and I am asking you if you don't mind making me two CD covers. We are doing a class project and me and my firneds have picked making solo artists and bands. I am currently making my own songs ight now. I asked my teacher and she said it was okay to get someone else to make the CD covers, e.g. make requests on the internet. On my first CD cover, i would like this picture Picture 1 with "Tenacious Lee" on it and also, "Rock 'n' Roll In My Bones" and is it possible to have another one of these but without the guy and without the writing so i can write the songs names that are in the CD.... On the second one i would like this picture 2nd Picturewith "Is The Answer" just below the sign. Please can you make both pictures a decent size so it would fit a CD case.
  9. I on't really enjoy scrabble, proabbly cause i am more stragtigic than words
  10. lol, i wish i had thought of that...
  11. we wouldn't of beeen allowed to gamble
  12. I used to play Chess at my old school, I was the best in the school i only was beathen 3 times.
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