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  1. nice looking forward to those nice anime's
  2. sephierot

    Manga your hoping to become a anime?

    - Cage of Eden - cont. of hitman reborn
  3. sephierot

    Question for everyone =)

    Hi, you try the following anime - d-gray man - Nagasarete Airantou - Maburaho not sure yet if there are any plans as of the moment for the dub version of se03 ~happy new year~
  4. sephierot

    Will you be upgrading to Win 8

    No for me...i will stay with XP and 7
  5. sephierot

    Brief Downtime Earlier Today...

    so that's what happen,but atleas we the forum and IRC are back up
  6. sephierot

    Yet Another IQ Test Thread

    i got 90 and my brain hurts alot
  7. sephierot


    welcome to the Club
  8. sephierot

    Favorite FF Character & Why

    Sephiroth for he is more badass than Cloud
  9. sephierot

    Do you read long posts?

    i do feel the same sometimes,but i do love to read long post and threads about tech stuff
  10. sephierot

    Power Supply

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX600..,is much better..,the question is are you going to have a SLI or a CROSSFIRE X config
  11. sephierot

    Happy Birthday Taylor, Forever 19.

    Thank you for shearing man,i know she is in better please and watching over you and you family
  12. thnx for the explanation ~y not do a SFTP that is connected to a NAS
  13. sephierot

    What did you do while Kametsu was gone?

    i got back playing Online games..,now i;m playing Dragon nest Sea
  14. sephierot

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    MW3 - PC Crysis 2 - PC Dragon Nest Sea - PC