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  1. Rock Lee ofcos got to love the drunken fighting style
  2. DBZ in a different league from Naruto and it 1mil feeler is just annoying and i hate the thing they keep doing where they re-incarnate some1, I mean get creative FFs and stop making dead people fight
  3. byakuya FTW, toshiro is always losing don't know what cool about that
  4. I think if it had a from it would look like a Reaper or Diablo cause well when he releases his eye patch u kind of c like a devilish aura so that is why i think it would be a demon or Reaper
  5. I have to go with Byakuya both his shikai and bankai basically attack and defend him and he barely has to waste energy running and trying to slash at someone. Ichigo 2nd mask is beast for an ability, I mean who can just open his hand and his sword comes to it master- total obedience.
  6. Black beard is not that evil and he doesn't kill if he doesn't have to but that lava admiral Akainu slaughters friends or foes if he think you against his justice or u coward I don't blame Black Beard for being scared of the guy.
  7. Firstly apart from the fact that Usopp is as usless as buggy the clown, weak as sin. The ship doesn't belong to him it Luffy's so him trying to act tough and getting his ass kicked in like one hit after spending hours booby trapping that area was beautiful. Also what the captain decides stands which is why Zoro got so pissed at everyone for trying to defend Usopp and saying Luffy is the one going too far.
  8. Yeah his a weak, useless, coward and also waste of anime time but i wont lie that treasure he has been looking for all this time what do u think it it? after he got the map to it location from Luffy, i think it will somehow/hopefully/ I wish, make his stronger or something cause i just skim over his parts in anime
  9. Yeah fight against CP9 was the best, was the first time we actually got given a glimpse of what the straw hats can do when they are pushes to the limit. The reason i say this is because in other fights the is always something comical that happens during the fight but in these ones everyone one had a straight face the was no BS no joking around just all out war.
  10. Zoro really guys he lost to hawkeye when he uses a pocket knife against his 3 swords, Ace are we joking cause he got his ass kicked by Black beard. Strongest would be between the Yonkou
  11. yeah zoro but Sanji not that far behind in strength, the only measure of how much stronger one is than the other was when they went to rescue Robin, Zoro fought second strongest(giraffe guy) with 2200# while sanji fought 3rd strongest(wolf guy) 2000# Well after the 2year break I mean learning from Hawkeye or learning from a couple of gay guys strong yeah but come on I mean who would u think grew mo stronger? Zoro hits harder yeah and got more strength than Sanji but Sanji is faster and flexible
  12. wow did everyone forget about the Rumble-Rumble Fruit( Lightning devil fruit), can't believe no one suggested this I mean yeah fire u can burn sum1 and they could survive it but being hit by 20,000,000 volts that would rip u apart. Enel just was too depended on his devil fruit but give this to some one like ace and we talking pirate lord level black beard would have never stood a chance in hell and think of all the cool stuff u can do, I think in one piece this is one of the strongest devils fruits they have shown so far. Come on pumping yo heart back to life after it stops how do u fight that if u not rubber ofcos.
  13. 1. Luffy- his the captain ofcos and well his fighting scenes are always epic 2. Hawkeye- well what can i say no one changes the mood like when this beast take out his black blade 3. Zoro- the most loyal to his Captain and wil sacrifice himself for his captains life, who else can beat u with a 3 sword fighting style
  14. bubomen

    One Piece

    why well : 1: character development- unlike some anime where a guy goes and trains for one day and the next thing his the strongest people alive that is fun to a certain point but with one piece the history and struggle to get stronger is very well made. 2. Fillers i have actually given up on Naruto don't really know what in the manga and what isn't. One piece doesn't go on a 30 episode filler marathon like other anime. 3.fighting style- one piece contains almost every form of fighting style not just swords or weapons 4. Creativity- LOL it is just well made, I mean who can ever think of pirates who can't swim, just love the humor and build up to fight even though it may become childish sometime still love it.
  15. luffy more fun to watch but ace is cool as heck, but then again ace has to play the big bro part
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