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  1. Something crossed my mind today: what if I would go out and shoot at random people. What will they blame? Violent Games, that I played? Anime I watch? My social background or that I am psychologically unstable? And what would my friends and family say about it? Will one say 'Yeah, I knew he would do something like that.'

    1. Dark_Angel13


      People would likely draw on all of those things, grasping for any reason, but only you would know why you really did it.

    2. DeathTheKid
  2. finally moved but not al things are sorted yet. Uploads are following soon...

  3. I'm moving so I won't be up-to-date with uploading.

  4. Now i'm short 4 teeth, and someone want to kill me by car. the day can't get much better...

    1. lolrawr


      You got hit by a car? D:

    2. ZeroPenguins


      Oh ouch... Having fake teeth costs a fortune as well. My mum had two fake teeth for 2k a tooth.

  5. I gonna lose my third molars next week -.-

    1. DeathTheKid


      Third? Your taking them out one at a time?

    2. M4sturCheef


      The dictinary said the name was "third molar" so thats what i wrote... ill lose all four at once

  6. got accepted by the university, I'll be a student once again....

    1. osborn_2009
    2. -Zero-


      Sweet, what will you be studying?

    3. M4sturCheef


      Maths is my subject of choice

  7. Now'S the time to wait for the Universities to answer -.-

    1. Apollo


      Ohhh good luck!!!

  8. Upping to Filecloud now, wonder if my uploadspeed is gonna stay this high

  9. And my Mediafire Account got banned. Well guys ill try again if im in the mood....

    1. DeathTheKid


      Try making them a rar file with a password.

    2. hagi


      sorry to here about that MC. hope you can re-upload everything. as you had some really nice stuff.

    3. M4sturCheef


      I specially like the reason why: they wanted one file to get deleted, but didn't allow me to do it. then thy send out waming 2 and 3 at about 3 am and deleted my account. will take a lot of time, but ill be up sometime in the near future.

  10. M4sturCheef

    Count to 1000 in binary

  11. M4sturCheef

    Count to 1000 in binary

    1010111100......... How should this help?
  12. Yes i tried it, and its quite good for starters, cuz its easier, but for high difficulty you need a keypad

  13. Have you tried the osu on android yet? Lol looks awesome.

  14. M4sturCheef

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Mine is also 'Ocarina of Time', but i liked 'The Windwaker' alot aswell