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    similar to death note

    Mirai Nikki.
  2. Elegance


    Honestly alot of ecchi lovers are a bit wierded out by Seikon No Qwaser. Im guessing its the concept of how it goes. They suck boobs to gain power.
  3. Elegance

    in need of a suggestion

    Eureka Seven Phantom Requiem for the phantom Valkyria Chronicles Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal Tales of the Abyss Fate Stay Night Macross Frontier Soul Eater Otome youkai zakuro
  4. Elegance


    I haveant watched it but im pretty sure ikki tousen is long and ecchi
  5. Elegance

    40-50 Minute Anime Series

    Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari - as long as Katanagatari and a very enjoyable anime
  6. Elegance

    My anime reviews

    Ahhh I see, well im glad that you atleste responded back with a reason. Thanks ^.- Honestly i didnt like baseball nor do i do now. Its like one of those sports movies that really get you hyped and inspired and wanting more if u know what i mean. Also the comedy part is not your ordinary comedy at all. Ehh well if u get bored, watch the first ep, and see how u feel.
  7. Elegance

    My anime reviews

    Have you watched Cross Game? Its my favorite, and if u have make a review? If you haveant, I highly recommend it. Dont go hating on the pictures and its about baseball because many people do and dont give it a go. 10/10 for me Give it a shot ^.-
  8. Elegance

    Good anime game?

    Never played games but Tales of the abyss ( im pretty sure its a game ), Valkyria Chronicles, Utawarerumono Final Fantasy Series Not sure if these are games but i think they are
  9. Elegance

    Suggest Me a Anime for my Taste

    Its seems like the mainstream fighting type, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Rurouni Kenshin Also maybe Beezlebub still ongoing
  10. Elegance

    Mass Effect

    Been about 3 weeks since i made another sig
  11. Elegance

    Hi Im New

    Why hello there. Im Elegance, I watch anime, and can give sugggestions. Im also a graphic designer. If the site admins would need anything of assistance, I would be glad to help. Ugh 4 more post to post a recommendations to people.
  12. Elegance

    This Week's Wallpaper

    Its nice though the clash of the white vector and black background clash to much in my opinion.
  13. Dragon Ball Z Death Note Vampire Knight Naruto Inuyasha
  14. Elegance

    Recommended Anime?

    Trigun Chromed Shelled Regios Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo I usually like my answers short so if u want more please reply.
  15. Not Ugly, scary or creepy but relaxing and cute. Usagi Drop is a must try. Kure-nai might fit the bill.
  16. Elegance

    Opinions on Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

    It wasnt the worse nor bad tho i would not recommend it. It could be better and maybe fill in missing information about what happened in season 1 and season 2. Ending i thought was bad. Also they did not get enough emotion into it. I wanted to see more of the cop girl's reaction to Hei.
  17. Elegance

    Favorite Mobile Suit Gundam Series?

    Gundam 00 for sure and Gundam Seed
  18. Elegance

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    First anime that i knew was a anime was Yu Yu Hakusho. When i didnt was a movie called Ki Ki's delivery service (dunno if i spelled it right).
  19. Elegance

    What animes have you repeatedly watched?

    The beginning of Rurouni Kenshin and Cross Game.
  20. Elegance

    which episode of any anime made you emotional???

    Most saddest is Clannad Afterstory. Cried to much in that. Also i would like to mention the game final fantasy 7 crisis core had me in tears as well.
  21. Elegance

    Favorite Anime

    Cross Game, not very well known. Second is One Piece.
  22. Elegance

    Eureka 7 vs Gurren Lagann

    It seems i tied it up. Eureka 7 for me. The love felt great and character development was fantastic. The drama, the animations, the plot was excellent. I used to be my favorite for a long time.
  23. Elegance

    How many anime series have u completed?

    About 140. My favorite is cross game. People need to watch because its not that known. Its about baseball, life, death, romance, dreams and so much more.
  24. Elegance

    Funniest anime?

    GTO, Golden Boy, Soul Eater, Angel Beats, Mayo chiki and One Piece
  25. Elegance

    Hi Im New

    O thanks, may i ask how many posts im needed to post in the following sections, Suggestions and Graphics Corner.