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  1. Elegance

    similar to death note

    Mirai Nikki.
  2. Elegance


    Honestly alot of ecchi lovers are a bit wierded out by Seikon No Qwaser. Im guessing its the concept of how it goes. They suck boobs to gain power.
  3. Elegance

    in need of a suggestion

    Eureka Seven Phantom Requiem for the phantom Valkyria Chronicles Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal Tales of the Abyss Fate Stay Night Macross Frontier Soul Eater Otome youkai zakuro
  4. Elegance


    I haveant watched it but im pretty sure ikki tousen is long and ecchi
  5. Elegance

    40-50 Minute Anime Series

    Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari - as long as Katanagatari and a very enjoyable anime
  6. Elegance

    My anime reviews

    Ahhh I see, well im glad that you atleste responded back with a reason. Thanks ^.- Honestly i didnt like baseball nor do i do now. Its like one of those sports movies that really get you hyped and inspired and wanting more if u know what i mean. Also the comedy part is not your ordinary comedy at all. Ehh well if u get bored, watch the first ep, and see how u feel.
  7. Elegance

    My anime reviews

    Have you watched Cross Game? Its my favorite, and if u have make a review? If you haveant, I highly recommend it. Dont go hating on the pictures and its about baseball because many people do and dont give it a go. 10/10 for me Give it a shot ^.-
  8. Elegance

    Good anime game?

    Never played games but Tales of the abyss ( im pretty sure its a game ), Valkyria Chronicles, Utawarerumono Final Fantasy Series Not sure if these are games but i think they are
  9. Elegance

    Suggest Me a Anime for my Taste

    Its seems like the mainstream fighting type, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Rurouni Kenshin Also maybe Beezlebub still ongoing
  10. Elegance

    Mass Effect

    Been about 3 weeks since i made another sig
  11. Elegance

    This Week's Wallpaper

    Its nice though the clash of the white vector and black background clash to much in my opinion.
  12. Dragon Ball Z Death Note Vampire Knight Naruto Inuyasha
  13. Elegance

    Recommended Anime?

    Trigun Chromed Shelled Regios Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo I usually like my answers short so if u want more please reply.
  14. Not Ugly, scary or creepy but relaxing and cute. Usagi Drop is a must try. Kure-nai might fit the bill.
  15. Elegance

    Opinions on Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

    It wasnt the worse nor bad tho i would not recommend it. It could be better and maybe fill in missing information about what happened in season 1 and season 2. Ending i thought was bad. Also they did not get enough emotion into it. I wanted to see more of the cop girl's reaction to Hei.