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  1. Death Note

    Death Note is a fabulous Anime and Manga. I thoroughly enjoyed it but did get slightly bored in the middle. I hated how it ended though. That little kid tricking Kira. stupid ending really.
  2. For me it's High School of the Dead and Golden Boy. Golden boy is just ridiculous, especially the scene where he's spying on the woman on the bike. LOL
  3. "How long have I been gone? I was away for sixty years, I don't know where I went but now I am their king!"

  4. The Strongest Females in Anime

    For me it must be: Yoko from TTGL and Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale. She is definately bad ass through and through
  5. 100 rules of anime

    This was quite amusing. I loled at quite a few of the rules.
  6. Anime Priority?

    I usually watch my Anime after work. I get home and eat then watch some anime or read. Sometime when I am not busy at work I watch there too or read the manga of the anime I'm watching at the time. I usually get about 6 eps in a day.
  7. I know! it's the GD "winking smiley" that keep sbugging it out.

  8. lol, buddy, there is a bit of a fail on your zoidberg xD

  9. (\/)(;,,;)(\/) Whoop whoop whoop whoop

  10. Flamus you bastard xD do the Kametsu dance......

  11. I know what that's like. I had to take care of my cousins when they were younger and they were quite a handfull. Very headstrong children so getting them to do anything was a painstaking proccess.

  12. well it is only 3pm here, so I am relaxing and dealing with my nephews ^.^; the only time i get to fully relax is when they are asleep XD

  13. Religion

    I believe that no person with a brain can believe in religion. I am open to the concept of God but religion is just means to control the masses and fill coffers. It might not of started this way but, unfortunately, that's how it is now.
  14. After rewatching the series I am still on Light's side. L is a fantasic character and probably smarter than Light but I prefer Light. I was irritated once again about how they caught Kira. I don't think it should have happened that way if at all.
  15. After a relaxing weekend I am back at work and I assume that you are relaxing after another long day?