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  1. Fairy tail at first, i thought it was going to be like one piece, but it kept changing and now its an awsome anime that can compete with the top 3 animes of the world.
  2. Basquash, Clannad, Kenichi, Soul Eater, Slam Dunk
  3. I Have Never Heard of Such Anime, is it porn?
  4. Action , Comedy, Martial Arts, Ecchi, Yuri
  5. I Like how it brings out my emotions when i Watch it, unlike American Cartoons when you watch them its easily predictable and not funny at times and kinda boring.
  6. Case Closed : One Piece Where Brook, Sanji, and Some Random Character, Where talking about mermaids and their sexiness, then Franky said Mermaids dont wear Panties, and all three of them Got Nosebleed. Which Episode I think when they fought against morgan the Shichibukai.
  7. exceed

    Favorite Anime

    I Have 3 Favourites and I Cant Compare, they are all different. Clannad - Sad Anime Basquash - Exciting Sport (Basket) Anime Kenichi - Fighting/Martial Art Anime
  8. Any Female Character from the Series Clannad they are all Cute
  9. I Love this Anime's Movies , I love them more than the tv series itself
  10. If you enjoy watching a certain anime, donate to the companies to help them continue producing that anime
  11. Not One Anime Can Beat, CLANNAD this is the best and Only Anime that made me Cry.
  12. I have 1TB of Anime, But I Do not Have many Series Cause Each Episode I have is like 300-700mb
  13. I do not know many of the females... i voted for CC since thats the only one i could remember. i remember watching an episode on http://Anime-Exceed.net where there was a small XXX part!
  14. Currently Reading , Hajime no Ippo, RRR , OP, Naruto, Bleach, Zedman, Ratman, and many more...
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