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  1. Doubleagent

    Getting links from videos hosted from another site

    ok not to savvy uploading stuff or the etiquette of it so wanted to ask before I do stuff thank you for suggestions and the basics.
  2. I love this place I was a member of cartoon world and when that went down I found this wonderful place. I would upload more if I had a better connection but alas it is piss poor speeds. hope this place continues for years to come.
  3. Doubleagent

    Getting links from videos hosted from another site

    Thanks for the Rep though I cannot ask permission or contact the site owners because its a Chinese site I dont know how to speak the language thanks for the help. The file host I understands the basics but with the example of the link above it says FTP or something can I ask for suggestions on how I can write that in the title? just want to make sure it is named as best as it could be I have never encountered this file host before.
  4. I Just want to Know if I can get links of content hosted on another site and just post it here. Also it looks like its not on any file sharing sites but is hosted directly on the sites server sample of it is this ftp://tf:tfcc@ftp.tfcc.cn/Animated/[Transformers][Animated][08][720p][Web].mkv and if its OK how would I label it? example [mega] [UC] etc...
  5. Doubleagent

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I'm not really too picky about voice actors so long as I can understand them and I don't like pulling double duty on reading and watching so am a dub person but for collection sake I wanna have both options on the copy.
  6. Doubleagent


    Hello everyone I was away for a really long time and was shocked that cartoon world was no more I am glad to see that at least we have an alternative I had a lot of good memories on that site hope this forum will create better and new ones.
  7. Doubleagent

    Multiple Ending Storylines

    I just do a play through and youtube the rest dont have the time these days
  8. Doubleagent

    What's your personal theme song????

    Kanye West - POWER
  9. Doubleagent

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    tetris best old game ever nuff said
  10. Doubleagent

    Scariest Game

    i liked the fatal frame series anime plus horror great stuff
  11. Doubleagent

    Street fighter vs tekken

    am gonna wait for the tekken engine i feel that the gameplay is better there for my 2D fix its KOF
  12. Doubleagent

    Favorite Antagonist

    the old man from that time traveling DS game? really burned the the hours on that game it was pretty cool
  13. Doubleagent

    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    ironfist is awsome! wata! may fave game character for now
  14. its kinda difficult now i just got married but cool thing is the wife loves to hang around and watch me play we get around an hour or 2 weekends but when the gang comes around its 6+ hours of pizza and UMVC3 and KOF 13 Baby. early years i played video games since i was in diapers it was a lifestyle all day if friends are taking there afternoon nap all night for college days
  15. Doubleagent

    Shadow Hearts Disscusion-The first game.

    pretty good game I hope they bring back this franchise but im an xbox owner this may become a ps3 exclusive if ever