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  1. Diabetus boy

    Bleach Manga discussion

    Interesting twist that was, maybe juha has a twin or something, cuz, why would he strive so hard to make ichigo stronger for all that time? ...Or was he purposely hindering him... SO MANY QUESTIONS
  2. Diabetus boy


    I would suggest reading the manga it picks up and does a much better job than the anime, but the anime is very good though.
  3. Diabetus boy

    Anime battle royale

    Characters from Noein would make a great addition, as well as Van and Rei from Gun X Sword could have cool finishers and moves.
  4. Diabetus boy

    Forum Superlatives!

    Damn thats one expensive beer. Quarterly sounds good, it also sounds like it would add a little more friendly interaction and mingling here on the forum.
  5. Diabetus boy

    Self Preservation?

    That all depends on who the person was. If the person was some I just happened to bump into on the street or in the bar or something, then they're kinda SOL cuz i'm gonna save myself, but if it was one of my friends or someone i truly cared about then I would gladly sacrifice myslf to save them.
  6. Diabetus boy

    Eureka Seven AO

    I've been reading the manga, and like you said it it similar but this isn't the Eureka 7 of yesteryear it is a completely different take with a few common elements to it.
  7. Diabetus boy

    What Went Wrong.

    Wondered what was going on there. Something tells me they did it on purpose, but I'm Just paranoid:dhh: but as Welcome to The N.H.K said Its all a Conspiracy!!!! lols
  8. Diabetus boy

    What is Good free IRC host I could use

    Thanks, i never do look very well so will x-chat work with a 64 bit system
  9. All I have right now is mibbit and it gives me limited functionality and no downloading, so I've been trying to find another but I can't. Any suggestions? and i'm new to the IRC scene so if i got my terminology wrong 'm sorry
  10. Diabetus boy

    The greatest Ninja/Samurai Anime

    I really like Samurai Deeper Kyo It was a really fast start and end, but it ended very well and I like random D.I.D that happens throughout. For you people that don't know about D.I.D it is multiple personalities.
  11. Diabetus boy

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    so they are ending and might pick back up on the final arc. Btw didn't the hueco mundo arc last like 6 years, so whats to say this one won't do the same??? later on at least no right now
  12. Thanks for the friend request. Sorry it took so long to reply.

  13. Diabetus boy

    Kametsu MIA Explained | Future of Kametsu

    I'd go with either three or four, I have two computers now and I could set my old cpu up as a dedicated seeder if needed.
  14. I really love this series but I noticed that the last update was 3 months ago? can any body help me?
  15. Diabetus boy

    No harddrive

    That depends, how old is the computer as well, old ones were lucky even if they had a 5gb hard drive