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  1. 1)Full Metal Alchemist (2003, Just to be clear) 2)Cowboy Bebop 3)Baccano 4)Trigun 5)Princess Tutu No, that last one isn't a joke. No, it's not a mistake either.
  2. At first I was going to say Mahromatic (pardon my poor spelling it's been over a year since I've seen it.) However, Golden Boy definately trumps it. Apart from the one hentai I've watched, those are really the only perverted anime I've seen. Hell, I couldn't stand chobits because of the perversion. Odd, that I was able to watch hentai but not chobits and I'm sure as hell not a prude by any stretch.
  3. Aizen...was...lonely...WHAT!? He was going to kill thousands of people, preformed inhuman expiriemnts and manipulated events for over a century because he was lonely! I barely accept that having a "god" character is at all decently workable...BUT giving a decent motivation is a must for any character. Rage over. To atleast contribute more then a rage and a rant to this, I will give three motivations that I believe would fit better given what we've seen of Aizen.(...lonely!?) -Wanted more power, cliche but works. -Sadistic, believable and fits with what we've of his character -Bored and too much power, still believable if a little unrealistic but it would've worked. Edit: I thought of another reason, straight up show-bouting. He can, and therefor he does.
  4. They caught up to the Manga. There is not enough story to continue the anime and thus it's either hiatus until Kubo writes more manga or filler. The former doesn't make money.
  5. Light Yagami. *ducks for cover when the fan boys throws things at me* Because of that. He's made out to be a tortured soul by his fan boys (don't get me wrong, Death Note is great, atleast the first half, Mellow and Near just didn't have what it took to stand as Light's equals like L did.) Light lacks any redeaming qualities to be called an anti-hero. Light Yagami went a freakin crusade that ended the lives of hunderds. I can recepct his motivations, I really can but atleast call it nessesary evil (he comes close however but he calls the deathnote evil not what he's doing...and It's an act!) Alright, rant over. The only thing I like about him his intelligence which let him go toe-to-toe with L which interested me greatly and why I liked the show.
  6. Roy Mustang (in both Brotherhood and Orignal Anime)
  7. My personal favrite bleach Fight. Love that "interuption."
  8. SoheNExus


    It's been having a really slow pacing. Thats one thing I'll give to the fillers (I know, I can't believe it either) they have the fundamentals of pacing, atleast better then the main arc. It's not DBZ but it's not great.
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Yes. It was a perfect conclution. And does sacrifice mean anything. Soory Uyru remove the senrei glove and you lose your powers...until you regain them in the nd of the next arc (forgoing any fillers.) Sorry Ichigo, use the Final Getsua Tensho and lose your Shinigami powers and spiritual albilities as a whole (bye bye Rukia)...until the very next arc.
  11. I came up with something simalar. Only, rather then a shinagami and an Arrancar. It was an Arrancar that could assume physical form and had childern with a human (think Isshin and Ichigo, only an Arrancar rather then a shinigami.) They weilded shinigami-like Zanpakto, I say like because they have a slightly different sets of rules for both Arrancar and Shinigami. Their Zanpakto are spirits in themselves like a Shinigami's but upon activating Bankai, they actually fuse with the Invictus (my name for the speices.) They also use Arrancar abilities like cero and siondo over kido or shunpo. They ussually have Hollow eyes but can mask it to appear human to those not spiritually senstive. They also have the ability to hollowfiy like vizards but it's more like a ressurction. In that they realse a hidden power and use the mask to limit and control it's massive amount. They can rip off this mask to unleash untold amounts of power that equal post-dangai Ichigo if not surpass him. This is know as requiem and as the name implies kills them. Howeer, this not a standrard death, in a standard death the soul is put back into the cycle of reincarnation, this not the case. In this instance it's more like a quincy killing a hollow, their soul is destoryed. They have a equilibrium point however, where tehy can draw a large amount of power but not kill them. THey call it breakpoint. It's a large spike of reitsu that enahnces a singal move, any more and it would destory them. It also cause signifigant damage to them, ussually conjoined with a cero which surpasses even a Cero Oscuras in power. Hoever, it break the limb it's fired from. In multiple paces. It must heal naturally as even Orihime's power won't effect because the reitsu of the blast lingers on for a time afterwards. The technique however, is mostly used as a last ditch finisher. They howver, have little allies. Due to their hollow spiritual pressure, they are more often then not hunted by the soul society. They refuse to work with Aizen and other hollows due to their senceless slaughter of others. They are never strong in numbers having all been desendents of the same Arrancar who share their namesake. Each one however, could match a Shinigami Captian toe-to-toe. I would pressonally like to one of these. Simpliy because, even though they seem strong, I beleive that they are more realisitclly strong then Kubo's races as each one showed a over-powered estreme with minamal consequences (loss of powrs at most and always a way to retieve them after) mine the consqeunce of fighting at that same level, results in death.
  12. Gorey? Elfen Lied. A few anime come close but this is the bloodiest, goriest thing I have ever watched. It also has an excellent story and charcater development.
  13. I second that Dark Then Black reccomendation (I will however warn you that they try to shove a lot of information at in the first 5 mintues but bear with it, it gets a lot better.)
  14. Actually he made it appear he betryed them, the only one he attacked was Ichigo (Hitsugaya sttacked Ichimaru in retalition thinking that Gin killed Aizen (oh, the irony) and causing Momo to think the Histugaya did it.) So, he did deserve to die but he also deserved the way he died, as a hero(ish.)
  15. Pretty sure? She's a boardline stalker with Yuroichi.
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