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  1. >Nintendo Fanboy Well at least I'm not a "hardcore" fanboy, I still like some of what the other 2 have to offer...
  2. Yep, still got both. Don't use the N64 anymore though Planning on hooking my PS2 up to my PC and playing through KH1 and 2 again
  3. For me its a tie between Kenpachi and Tōshirō D:
  4. Definitely Axel (he seems to be the favorite of a lot of people LOL). 2nd choice is Aqua
  5. lol, I have started to use my 3DS for my music. The sound is actually pretty good o-o
  6. Digital games personally, love the sales Steam has ...digital for anime too
  7. (repeat what pretty much everyone said) LOL, its amazing how long this one movie has taken. Wasn't it like 3-4 years ago that there was even a hint of it? (first hint I remember was in Hulk, idr what year that was )
  8. Personal use: 22" (or close) Vivo. It sucks =/ (it was free so...) Really hates certain channels when there is rainy weather...
  9. I'd probably go for X-Men (heck, even my sister who is 10 years older than me likes X-Men)
  10. Captain America: The First Avenger It was so damn corny in some parts , lots of references to other the other Marvel comics/movies
  11. Watched up to episode 4 or 5...then kept forgetting it was on
  12. TF2/BF3 are like the only ones I've played. So of course I'll go for those 2 (not counting Combat Arms, horrible experience )
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