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  1. andyb08

    Asura's Wrath

    compared naruto newest game to asuras wrath naruto game will be a 3 and asuras 10
  2. andyb08

    Asura's Wrath

    proper awsome completed about 10 time nearly 1000g it proper beast of a game PURE POWER xbox 360
  3. andyb08

    What Do You Like About Anime?

    anime can put god like fight scenes and make them look like a beast like bleach ichigo vs izan and normal movies arnt up to scratch yet
  4. andyb08

    Favorite Live-Action TV Show?

    the walking dead
  5. andyb08

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    just final fantasy 13 only 1
  6. andyb08

    Favorite Anime

    its a toss up between bleach and dragonball z
  7. andyb08

    What animes have made you cry?

    elfen is wicked but proper sad
  8. andyb08

    Favorite Genre [Anime]

    sci fi action comedy all together are the best
  9. proper mint comity and the anime collection is wicked
  10. andyb08

    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    seen its ok but 20 mins could of made longer
  11. andyb08

    Who kicks more ass? Sasuke or Naruto?

    easy naruto with the sage mode
  12. andyb08

    all the anime you have downloaded

    not going to bother 1 tb anime most good rated anime
  13. andyb08

    James Bond VS. Jason Bourne

    jason bourne easy winner