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  1. Naraku from InuYasha, and possibly Kira (if you could call him a villain) from Death Note.
  2. I would without a doubt change Death Note, in favor of Kira finally achieving his goal of becoming god of the new world. It just doesn't make since to me that six years of work towards such a vision and getting so painfully close to fully coming to fruition after L's successors were all defeated should have been so abruptly ended. Kira had all but been accepted as the new law of the world at the point which Light was killed. Opposition in the form of a small group of police led by the only viable successor L had left to carry on his ideals of "justice" (in the form of Near, what was left of the SPK, and the few remaining members of the Japanese taskforce) should not by any means have been enough to bring Light's conquest of the world to an end. For such a minute error in the execution of Light's ultimate plan for the Yellow Box warehouse meeting as Mikami writing down Takada's name as well to have been the reason for Light's failure (which wasn't even his fault, even though he might have put too much faith in Mikami's intuitive abilities), it seems to me as if Ohba had originally intended for Light to have either defeated Near and gone on to reign as Kira, or die and become a shinigami himself and would eventually have replaced the Shinigami king due to the optimistic ideas he gave Ryuk early on in the series about how he could make a difference in the fate of the Shinigami world. Based on how the series ended, thousands of Kira supporters were suddenly left confused and horrified that he had disappeared, and the world would've been in complete chaos until the old law system had enough time to be put back in its former position. In addition, there was no resolution to the "decaying" existence of the Shinigami and their world or any sign of changes being implemented to return the Shinigami to their former glory. They had become all but obsolete. The plot could've continued and been so much more detailed than merely a simple battle of wits between Light and L/his successors if the twist of Light becoming a Shinigami himself after reigning as Kira for several decades after finishing off Near had been included.
  3. Whenever I'm searching for a new anime to get interested in, I always occupy myself by re-watching various animes I have in my collection. InuYasha, Death Note, and Code Geass are three that immediately come to mind as ones I've rewatched the most. When I was a kid, I loved DBZ big time and rewatched the old VHS tapes so many times some of them started to wear out lol.
  4. First off I check and see which station is airing it. If it's airing on Adult Swim, chances are I'll check it out if the episode description looks interesting and then I'll watch the episode airing that night to get a first impression. That's one method by which I discover new anime to watch, and is how I came across and got interested in InuYasha, Death Note, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara!!, YuYu Hakusho, and Bleach to name a few. Otherwise, I browse around on the Internet and pay attention to the subject matter of any series that catches my eye within its description if available. That's how I discovered Higurashi no Naku koro ni and Elfen Lied.
  5. Useless characters, eh? Let's see here: Kon Ririn, Kurodo, Nova Yachiru (shouldn't be Lieutenant of Squad 11 by any means; Ikkaku would be suit the position much better, since he can use Bankai) Don Kanonji Just a few off the top of my head. And by the way, why keep Grimmjow alive if he's not going to be used anymore from what I've seen? It makes no sense that he is the only Espada who is (apparently) still alive other than Nel, and yet there's been no mention of him since Ichigo saved him from Nnoitra.
  6. Durarara!! really needs a 2nd season. It was actually starting to get intriguing towards the end and the story was beginning to make sense.
  7. I'd either be Naraku, Sesshomaru, Light Yagami, Sosuke Aizen, Lelouch vi Britannia, Broly, or Madara Uchiha. I like to go for the all-powerful type of character I guess lol.
  8. One I love to hate is Naraku from InuYasha, although I've really been getting to where Naraku is actually my favorite character in the whole series lol.
  9. Sucks ass, doesn't it? Maybe the economy's having them cut costs and they'll bring it back once the economy stabilizes (if it ever does again.)
  10. Death Note, Geass, Miasma (Naraku), Kyoka Suigetsu, vectors, Bakusaiga, Rinnegan, Father's alchemic abilities, Broly's strength
  11. Kid Buu is defintely the most ruthless out of any anime I've seen. He was simply a brainless killing machine, destroying whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Naraku from InuYasha? Nope. Father from FMA? Nope. Light Yagami from Death Note? Nope. Aizen from Bleach? Nope. Madara from Naruto? Nope. Scheizel/Lelouch/Charles from Code Geass? Nope. Not a single one of them are, in that respect, as bad as Kid Buu.
  12. It used to be a lot more back when I was in high school and was really getting into all kinds of different animes, I would watch, read, download constantly to expand my collection. Not so much now; I read new chapters of manga every now and then but am still constantly on the lookout for a new anime to get interested in. Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood are a prime example of this. I first got into it only about 5 months ago, and within two months I had the original series and what was available of Brotherhood at that time downloaded, on disk, and watched several times through. I scoured the forums as the last dub release of Brotherhood was to be released and on the very 1st day it was made available on here all 12 episodes were downloaded and on disk almost overnight lol.
  13. I require all the anime I download and put on disk to be the absolute best quality I can find, regardless of what anime it is. This started when I was obsessed with Death Note and wanted all 37 episodes in perfect quality. Then it's expanded to every single anime that I watch, so much so that I've redone my discs of InuYasha at least 3 times in order to get the best possible quality. If they're in HD, then that's perfectly fine with me; in fact, I would prefer HD if the series' resolution is supposed to be so already.
  14. Alex Louis Armstrong is hands down my favorite (despite my username lol). The sparkles do it for me lol, he's epic.
  15. At least 50 that I can think of off the top of my head, but my favorite out of all of them would definitely be Death Note since the ideals, personality, and overall conflicts Light has and had to face really connected with me. Back when I first got into it, I was completely obsessed with anything related to Death Note, even purchasing the full-sized replica notebook and writing thousands of names of criminals in it myself.
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