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  1. slikshot

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Ok so here I am during the summer holidays with nothing to do. So I decided to finally watch some of the anime I have collected (downloaded). ATM I have 5 series but I will try to download more too. Anyway I started FMA back in Easter but stopped with about 13 episodes to go (school and stuff). Luckily I have a decent memory when it comes to this sort of stuff. OMFG the ending of fullmetal alchemist. It's just so unexpected and sad. After everything that Ed and Al went through even getting the philosophers stone. How could that just happen? However the anime is just amazing. 10/10 easily it's funny, brilliantly plotted, emotional. You can even get it in HD quality so it looks good too. Everything in the Anime is smooth so you can enjoy it completely. I'm giving it to a friend to watch so hopefully he'll be hooked too. ANYONE WHO HASN'T SEEN IT SHOULD GO AND WATCH IT NOW!
  2. FullMetal Alchemist is so sad...

    1. osborn_2009


      agreed. but thats one of the many things that make it so amazing

  3. slikshot

    Fallout vs The Elder Scrolls

    Fallout series are just not active enough for me.
  4. slikshot

    League of Legends

    I play the game, but my computer has issues so i'm taking a break. I'm usually good with mordekaiser, nocturne, xerath and I'm trying out blitzcrank. Nocturne is a completely amazing jungler and assassin. Also if the other team are bad you can use him as a glass cannon to completely destroy everyone else.
  5. Hi there. I want you guys to tell me what's the most fun a game has ever given you. For me it has to be Battlefield 3. Not the story but playing with your mate, charging behind the enemy lines and clearing a whole are of enemies back to back like some movie thing, MY GOD thats fun.
  6. slikshot

    Scariest Game

    Amnesia the dark descent. My god thats scary.
  7. So I just wanted to ask the people of the forums, Which SNES game is best in your opinion. I love E.V.O search for Eden, the game is awesome
  8. slikshot

    Characters With a Split Personality?

    I dunno I haven't yet seen many yet but at the start of Naruto can't you class Kabuto as a split-persona.
  9. slikshot

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    I love playing Age of Empires 2, and I sometimes hop into my SNES emu to play E.V.O search for eden. Or maybe even NES for Mike Tyson's Punchout
  10. slikshot

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    Im pretty sure I watched some FullMetal Alchemist when I was a kid. Not sure though. Anyways what go me into anime was pokemon. Afterwards Naruto
  11. slikshot

    The War of the Consoles!

    Unfortunately everything online on xbox is so much better than PS3. By miles
  12. slikshot

    First Video Game

    My first game was Full Throttle. It is an old adventure game by LucasArts. God I remember being stuck on it for ages...
  13. slikshot

    What game(s) have you beaten multiple times?

    Cod Modern Warfare 1+2 Custom Robo Arena All GBA Advance wars Fire Emblems Megamans Halo 3 Age of Empires 2 Battlefield 1994 About 2-3 times on each game.
  14. slikshot

    Which Naruto character do you like and why?

    Kakashi for me. He's just awesome, the copycat ninja. He is the best of the best. Best of his generation
  15. slikshot

    BF 3 vs. CoD MW 3?

    Battlefield 3 is so much more intense. At least 1000 times better, and I used to hate the series. MW3 is awful, nearly as bad as Black Ops