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  1. thanks for your reply Bluenoser. i just cant get into fantasy books really.
  2. yeah, im a girl. i like the stories ;
  3. Bluenoser, could you explain to me why fantasy is often lumped in with sf? i never understood that. but i don't have an academic background in it. i am not a fan of fantasy really. to me, fantasy is stuff that could never happen, not based in science at all ... magic, faries, vampires, etc. Hicks, ds9 is awesome! i was really sad whe n they killed jadzia dax though and i didnt like that they brought ezri in. it didn't make sense for many reasons and the character was weak.
  4. Thanks a lot guys! I have a lot of stuff to check out! ive already seen Cowboy Bebop and loved it but was kinda disappointed by the ending. i also saw ghost in the shell a long time ago so dont really remember it. guess i should check it out again.
  5. i never got one...ive always just used my mobile. right now i have an 8 gig sd card in mine (mytouch 4g slide). but even then, i don't really use it for that. my car's cd player plays mp3 cds and when im at home i listen to music from my computer. i don't really have many situations that call for headphones.
  6. if youre looking for some more good shojo id recommend hana yori dango--that's my alltime favorite. kare-kano is pretty good too (also shojo)
  7. immediately after seeing the ending of an anime i tend to be a bit disappointed even if the ending is good b/c i didn't want it to end! (if it's a good series, that is). but then as time goes on im not disappointed. but i just finished Nana and im not only disappointed but also confused! it just suddenly ended 5 years in the future but the dark nana wasn't even there and you're left wondering what happened to the bands, to hachiko and takumi, why did misato have a fake name and so many more quesitons! why did it end like that? did they plan on making more of the show? should I read the manga? i haven't read much manga before but this makes me want to if it answers some questions.
  8. hi everyone, i saw that a lot of you said you like scifi anime but i haven't really seen a good one yet. could you tell me your favorites here? i really like scifi tv like star trek (all but orig), firefly, fringe, babylon 5, etc
  9. i don't think i can just pick one but my favorites (that come to mind right now) are The Princess Bride Old Boy Serenity Gozu pretty varied... i'm sure i'll think of more later but i dont wanna bore anyone.
  10. RikuoAmero, i totally agree with you about Data! his death seemed pointless! anime wise i was really sad when spike from cowboy bebop died.
  11. i definitely prefer subs because im studying Japanese. plus i think (especially the girl voice actors) it can sound weird when something is said in english vs the japanese. like when someone is supposed to sound girly and cute in japanese it's fine but when it's in english, it can sound really annoying. i hope i'm making sense.
  12. i've been looking through all the comments and a lot of you have scifi as a favorite. i really like scifi tv shows and books but havent seen much scifi anime that i like. do you have any recommendations of your favorite scifi shows that i should check out? funny thing is my favorite kind of anime is shojo (as i said before) but irl i hate "chick flicks" and romcoms. *edit* i now see that theres a Recommendations & Reviews part on the forum so i'll check that out. sorry if i violated a forum rule or something...
  13. it really depends. if a new game came out that i really like then i can play it all day. but usually maybe less than an hour a day. tv (including anime) on the other hand... ;
  14. i know it's weird bc of my age but i still like really old computer games like maniac mansions and sim city (the first one). my granpa gave me his old work computer when I was young and it was so old it had a one color display only and had floppy disk drives, the floppy big ones. and he had some of those games but you had to use the floppy to play if i remember right. my dad always started the games for me so i don't really remember but now i play them on my own computer and i still like them. lol
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