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  1. Since you retired from uploading, I took liberty to upload some of your great encodes which I managed to archive, on my MEGA account.

    I hope I have your permission and approval.

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    2. crkavam


      Patience please. I'm still uploading, I just need to get more free space on my drives.

      Links will be shared in the usual way, when they are uploaded.

    3. kawishali


      thanks alot man, i can wait for hannah barbera classics in good quality, and pls put some sort of security on links so they stay up for long, thanks

    4. kawishali


      really appreciate your concern and efforts, thumbsup :D



  2. I recently discovered website called Toon.is. On that site I found streams of old cartoons which I've seen on this site as your uploads.

    Since you don't have any means to re-upload your encodes (which were, by the way, best I ever seen), I'm thinking of ripping those streams and uploading them on my MEGA account. Those files will be in rar archive and password protected. I'll also put toon.is in the filename, because I rip those streams from their website.


    I would like to hear your, and opinion of others about this. If I get green light from this community, I can start with uploading right away.

  3. Episodes with Lobo are the best. We have Deadpool on big screen, now we need Lobo.
  4. crkavam

    "Ghost in the Shell" Live-Action Movie

    I do not have high hopes for this movie, but let's see what will come from it.
  5. crkavam

    Samurai Jack Returns

    Great news!
  6. crkavam

    The Powerpuff Girls Reboot discussion

    Good reboots, like ThunderCats are canceled, and awful rebootes, like Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls are renewed. At least, there are some good shows on CN, such as Justice League Action.
  7. crkavam

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Justice League Dark.
  8. crkavam

    Songs written like stories

    Storytelling in music is old as poetry itself. Almost every song is about telling some story or making a statement about some subject. My personal favorite would be duology Epica/Black Halo form Kamelot.
  9. crkavam

    Space adventure Cobra

    As far as I know, there is no dubbed version of TV Series Space Adventure Cobra, only movie dubbed by Manga Entertainment.
  10. When I first watched anime on japanese.
  11. crkavam

    Hello there

    From forum cartoon world to kametsu to eternity
  12. crkavam

    NUN Hookers

    What a Monthy Python moment. Good thing that I'm atheist
  13. crkavam

    Visual kei & J-rock

    Try bands like Galneryus, Saber Tiger, 9mm Parabellum Bullet.
  14. crkavam

    Movies vs. Books

    Most of the time I don't know that movie was based on a certain novel. After finding and reading original novel most of the time I'm disappointed with adaptation.
  15. For a good Live Action adaptation try Yatterman from Takashi Miike. This sounds like Death Note will be made for Disney Channel.