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  1. Itachi, if he hadn't been slowly dying due to a disease, he could have easily killed pain. And also, Itachi is a pacifist, so he either tries to avoid a fight, or end it as quick as possible.
  2. Sasuke, easy, girls want him, and guys want to be him.
  3. Itachi is a true shinobi, he was forced to murder his entire clan and did so in a single night. He also left his younger brother, Sasuke alive for the sole purpose that he would grow stronger and kill him, he even managed to kill Itachi without even having the Mangekyo Sharingan. o/_\o
  4. Sasuke vs. Itachi. Though it is a shame to realise that Itachi truly was a loving brother and defected from the leaf out of sorrow. And it's just sad that Itachi wanted Sasuke to kill. It's like he wanted to punish himself... :/
  5. I think he was mad because his extra mouths kept stealing his cookies. XD
  6. I think Naruto will be the best Hokage. And his surname should be Namikaze, not Uzumaki.
  7. Sakura, she won't let anyone beat her. And Ten-Ten may be cute (Sakura is way cuter), but she is goin' down.
  8. Sasuke, he's effing awesome with his Kusanagi Sword and Mangekyo Sharingan.
  9. I'd say Sakura and Sasuke would be a good couple, because Sakura loves Sasuke for who he is, even though she just though he was hot at the start of the series. Sakura would try to convince Sasuke to accept her... Sasuke's response... Okay... Get on you knees. XD
  10. I'd say Karin, Sasuke's medic ninja on Team Taka. You get to bite her for Chakra, so... Yeah.
  11. Well, I really think that they will both die in their final battle, but it'll be close considering Naruto has the Nine-tailed Demon Fox and Sasuke has awoken the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, it'll definately be a battle to look forward to.
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