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  1. Well I've heard that rourouni Kenshin will be made into a live action movieso that's one and also a gundam series, Akira, evangelion, trigun to name a few.
  2. Man that's a tough question I guess gundam 00 was closer really touching especially when some main characters died
  3. I would have to say Akira I loved that movie
  4. nybebopr

    Anime or Manga?

    Hey just wanted to say thanx koby for getting the website back up and I prefer anime seems to grab my attention more seeing the characters alive then still images
  5. Dragonball z and ever since then I've been watching all kinds of anime
  6. wheres the one where mewtwo comes back with all the cloned pokemon? i kinda like that one
  7. to tell you all the truth i think ali al sachez from gundam 00 is the most ruthless this guy just kept killing people after people and smiling and laughing while doing it
  8. man i have completed at least 50 different series ummm tought one which one do i like best im stuck really rurouni kenshin i guess
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