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  1. Hi! guys, I found this New MMORPG DNA called "DRAGONA ONLINE" I can say that I am currently playing this game however in Philippines Server, I also tried the Korean Server, though i can’t understand korean i move to Philippines server just for their English Version. What I can say about this game is that it’s pretty awesome. It has one of a kind duel and battle systems that fits all players, alot of group quest, especially the transformation which is really amazing. There are 4 races in the game and 8 characters to choose from, however its gender lock. Anyway, the gameplay is one of a kind. My friends and I are currently waiting for the International Server of this game and its coming this December. I have here their teaser site http://playdragona.com/ and fanpage http://on.fb.me/dragonaglobalfb for more info. I’m super excited 1 more month to go til CBT can’t get my eyes of this game
  2. I’m Gringo George Wallace from New Jersey.. I’m so excited to be part of this forums.. Best wishes to everyone and have a Merry Christmas
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