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  1. I have spent some hours watching Monster - at first I felt good, since main char was not a 15y old kid at school, scenario was cool. Then, after watching about 30 episodes, I feel a little worn out. Same deal over and over again, with the good doc saving the world wherever he goes, doing good deeds. To be honest, I dont feel the urge to watch the next episode when one ends - unlike other series when I would stay awake to watch some more! The plot is very shallow and slow and the atmosphere is not that overwhelming in order to make up for the lack of action. Does it change dramatically, towards the better, so that it's worth watching?
  2. Does it really get better as the anime progresses? I'm at like 10-12 episode and i find it quite childish. The plot is not really bad, but it's not amazing either yet. I dont really like the bad guy(s), or the demons themselves. Not even the art is really appealing. What are the strengths of this show?? Is it too much for children?
  3. After watching trust & betrayal, basilisk, champloo and ninja scroll (which I found reasonably outdated compared to basilisk), I wonder if there are other mature series like this on a similar setting. I guess my best would be another basilisk, but I dont have such high hopes! I really dont prefer anime with teenagers.. Just downloaded afro samurai, but that's small.
  4. My opinion is that FMA is much better than Brotherhood. It's clear (if you've seen both) that Brotherhood rushes too much in the beginning, wasting a lot of character bonds and emotions. In addition, later on it drags the story so much, introducing more characters, making the ones presented in FMA less important. It seems like Brotherhood has more, of less quality.. I could go on saying about the ending, or the villain - my opinion is the same. However i'll say about the homonculi: the way they are presented in FMA is really well done, their motives..Not to mention that my favorite lust dies fast in Brotherhood..
  5. truth be told, haven't finished Champloo (i'm on episode 16 or so), however i clearly find Cowboy better. On Bebop, the music is there all the time, it is much more fun and i like the design of the characters more (the drawings and the actual characters). Must admit Champloo has very good swordfights and i dont know the end yet so i might be amazed.. I must note down that i find it really annoying that the guy who dubs mugen is the same who dubs spike..Is it like that without dubs - i mean if the the same people do the voices in Japanese on various shows.
  6. One who's seen s1 should see s2. It has something to give, it's not just a copy of season 1, however they couldn't handle the script that well, as it usually happens when people get special powers. In the end those powers are too good to be true and the scenario breaks. What season 2 is really good at, is the bonds formed between the chars. Watch it, you'll be engaged and won't regret it.
  7. From the ones I've seen, Neon Genesis was a disappointment in the end. Really wanted a better finale (yes i know there are some extra films for that)
  8. Lemming & Thelostfool, you do not know enough about the battle of Thermopylae. I used the movie 300 as an example, because people only know about it and not the real story. I won't go into detail to describe you why only 300 (they were more in fact) men gathered up to fight there, but the moment they left Sparta (most of them were from Sparta) it was a suicide, as the opposing forces were about 100 times bigger. A suicide for a bigger purpose - they delayed the Persians long enough for the dominant Greek cities to understand they had to unite in order to beat them. This happened the very same year at the naval battle of Salamina - a very decisive battle for the war that indeed ended 10 years later. You also said that their homeland was overrun - this is a critical error you make here. Athens was overrun, not Sparta. People on the battle of Thermopylae were NOT from Athens! In fact Athenians (most of them) listened to the oracles of Delfi and evacuated the city fighting at sea. This is a very brief and incomplete description of what happened. The truth is that people decided to die, and it was a very clever and noble thing to do as they saved lives. However it is true is that my example takes us out of the point of discussion. On the other hand, what Kobe says is true. It is really poor to compare the 'organizations behind L' with super powers..First of all, those organizations were gathered because L was too smart to begin with. Having a deathnote that leaves no trace, or a superpower to control people's minds is a huge advantage, on top of being smart. Kobe's arguments say it all - I should have spent more time on arguments myself to be honest. L played by the rules, without any super power, only his brain. The other 2 did not. Still, i think that Lelouch seemed like a flawed young man with a bright mind and a superpower. Light was presented to sort of a genius, and L was just one click higher. Just imagine what Light and Lelouch would have achieved without their abilities.... And really, death is not a factor of failure unless you got screwed up morals :-/ Usually the people who always survive, are not considered really intellectual - they are named differently..
  9. I'm now downloading my first 1080p anime (ghost in the shell series) and I hope it's rewarding! I can't imagine though how it will be to have endless anime like One Piece on HD (10000000 GB )
  10. Come on, you can't really compare *achievements* between those 3 guys! L has NO super-power-special-ability!!!!! @TheLostFool: "Intelligence does nothing for those who are already dead". Really? People's ideals must be really messed up if they think that staying alive is the biggest feat. The film 300 is based on a true story. About 300 men chose to die, thus saving their homeland - do you think they were not intelligent enough because they died? Even if their actions hand't served their purpose, this doesn't mean they were not rightfully done! Comparing intelligence has to do with comparing their way of thinking, not what happened. It's their labyrinth of thoughts that produces their actions that you should look out for, not the outcome. For instance, one plans a masterful theft, but on that day a big earthquake happens and he dies from it. This doesn't have to do with his intelligence. Another thing to consider is if you are trying to achieve something very hard, and you fail by a close margin, doesn't make you less smart from someone who achieves something easy...
  11. Vash's lines are amazing, so are some from Cowboy Bebop. The very best that owns all in my opinion is the line in Cowboy Bebop from Cowboy Andy - it goes like this to Faye "Why don't we drink to me, and my reflection in your lovely eyes" ! *Spoiler about Geass* However, even if it's totally not my style, I remember (the concept of) what Shirley said just before she dies "reveals that even knowing he killed her father and had memories erased of him twice, she kept falling in love with him over and over again" ( http://www.google.gr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=code%20geass%20shirley&source=web&cd=8&ved=0CE8QtwIwBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkxiOvYY8igg&ei=wFHWTuPqLJT58QOlutChAg&usg=AFQjCNEvo7EDGKpoZLbkO_9PalQk2J0taA&sig2=2OuRrWOsk7yqr82ZVMb7eQ )
  12. It's L clearly ahead of the rest. Think about the success of the other 2: is there something in common? hmm, maybe the fact that they got some superpower??? At least a great portion of the success has to do with their powers and not their skills. On the contrary, L did not possess any super-power and he was great beforehand. The fact that he died had to do with his great disadvantage of trying to prove something that was really hard to be done. In terms of manipulating people though, I think that Light and Lelouch are slightly better.
  13. the one Spike and Vicious fight in the church is really epic (especially the part where he falls from the 'window')..Generally, episodes that focus on Spike's past are great because they are interesting, but the most entertaining are some random ones, that usually involve Ed - on the one with the mushrooms I was laughing at a bus and couldn't stop
  14. Agree with Kobe. Death Note is superior - the mind games that you see cannot be found anywhere else at this impressive extent. L and Light (with order of intelligence imho) are just amazing. Think about it, if you wanted to tell someone to see one of them, you'd probably recommend Death Note to people who seek more intelligent script and CG to people who seek more action/love
  15. Imho, it suffers as the similar series that deal with people getting super powers do. You get introduced to people with some ridiculous powers that spoil the fun. The payment is simply there but rarely restrains contractors. The scenario is also a bit too much with all the destruction of the world and the very simplistic ending. While you get great expectations through the first series, they are not met at some point. I must admit that s1 simply made more sense. However, s2 gets you to like the heroes. The main characters (Hei, Suo, Mao, July) are very well made and i felt attached to them in the end. I believe that the strongest element of s2 is the relations between the characters and how they evolve. I don't think that anyone will regret watching this - on the contrary, people are going to enjoy watching it.
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