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  1. Hope they treat you better than they have me. Anyway have fun with Kam Sara.

  2. Shazi??? where are you??

  3. omg thankies that makes me so hot too :) your the greatest

  4. thanks i have tons of anime's but i dont generally upload them cus my internet for some reason i dont think can handle it. I play video games and that be bad for me if it occured. Even though I have Comcast High Speed

  5. So I saw that you were interested in uploading some animes. For now, most people are uploading stuff to either rapidshare or mediafire, both are good. Any uploading would be appreciated, so awesome with helping the download index get back on its feet. Therrs a list of all the working fileservers in the temp download section as well

  6. I just sent Koby a list of Anime's that are top quality I have. The series I watch on t.v. I tend to get copies of on the internet. One being every Bleach episode that is English Dub cept for the past 2 episodes :/ but I have a massive collection and I mean massive. I want to help this site so badly I can't sit by and let the government do what they please anymore.
  7. Adore your sig wish I had one like that :/
  8. SOPA and the other bill weren't passed so wtf why is this happening??? They don't own the net and have no right to do this.
  9. Lelouch sorry guys but Lelouch out of the two was the only one who accomplished his goal and had everything go as planned. Light was more spoiled and didn't forsee everything. Lelouch predicted everything ahead of time (excluding his captured but he managed to escape) and had a counter act to pretty much everything. Light did this to some point but he got to full of himself and didn't expect all outcomes. Lelouch did expect them all and made it to all things would wind up in his favor. He wanted the ending to occur remember that. He wanted the world to think he was dead as he was taking the worlds hatred with him, and he succeeded (whether he is actually dead is not entirely confirmed but the series is over).
  10. This is false about Neji being able to stop Lee. The Gates "Force" the chakra to flow through them. Even if they are closed the Chakra would be forced to go through. Also Jounin is just a rank and means nothing. If you remember its stated that several members of the gang actually have the power to be Jounin but they aren't promoted because ability isn't all it takes to be one. You need smarts, the ability to control your emotions, and you need to be able to follow orders and follow the mission you are assigned. Neji other than Shikimaru has been the only one who has showed the ability to be a Jounin but not by his ability but by showing other things.
  11. Well I still think Goku isn't as strong as you might seem to think. Gohan is a different matter though.
  12. Hollow Ichigo was actually apart of Zangetsu which was explained. At some point (more than likely when Ichigo was about to die by Byakuya's hands) Hollow Ichigo gained control and Zangetsu become apart of him more. The two co-exist still inside of Ichigo but Hollow Ichigo merely has dominance but its not due to power its due to Ichigo's state of emotions. Also Zangetsu doesn't seem much like he cares one way or the other (he always as the calm demeaner and tends to not care much when Hollow Ichigo says to him that one day all Ichigo's power will be his). This being said Zangetsu might actually be more of the type who is incredibly powerful but just tends to let things happen until he is really needed. These kinds of people usually are the strongest ones. And in the above post Ichigo's though is always fighting for noble causes even when he calls upon his Hollow mask so then that being said wouldn't then Zangetsu become stronger as well constantly? I mean Ichigo only fights for things that are noble like protecting others.
  13. I like Code Geass don't know if thats entirely Mecha anime but it is basically Mech as far as I know. Was that old anime you remember called Medabots?
  14. Depends on different things. We know how much damage on the body the 3rd gate does to him but what about the 5th gate that would just be deadly I'd imagine?
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