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  1. :dhh:I think that a kametsu torrent tracker would be a good idea.whatever is easier for you.
  2. Form me bleach,naruto,death note and neon genesis evangelion have really good dub
  3. nikoalitis

    One Piece

    10/10 i've read and watched every one of the episodes,manga,anime and the movies too
  4. Sen bon sakura. got to love the name
  5. thanks for the summary,i havent played any of them but i've heard that they are really good
  6. i have an old laptop but it still plays it
  7. only pc,but i use emulators for the older consoles
  8. nfs series, driver sf was nice, gt3 and gt4
  9. need for speed series,fighting games and hack and slash games, love Devil may cry !
  10. dead space 1 and gears too
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