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  1. Gamestop in the mall but more recently been buying alot more from online and importing alot too
  2. Still have a 64 and still works to reason why i play zelda so much hmm i wonder if i still have the that god forsaken super man game ...
  3. Since i still have a working old GREY gameboy a game i play alot is a Home alone game gosh that mustve come out in the early 90's :feels old D::
  4. Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 playstation playstation 2 playstatio 3 X-box Game-boy Game-boy Advance Game-boy Advance SP Nintendo ds Nintendo DS Lite DSI DSI XL 3DS A PSP psp go Nintendo Gamecube NES Wii Xbox 360 And a turbo grafx system
  5. Same as topic? mine would have to be maybe yu-gi-oh tag force 6 since there is no release date for USA yet so i got game as import. what was last game you purchased that was foreign?
  6. Has anyone here heard or played any of the games for Boktain on the GBA ? If so what games have you played also have you played the one for the ds?
  7. Hello all i am new here to this forum nice to meet you all and look forwards to posting alot here HI
  8. Hmm my most recent would have to be some vhs of fighting foodons and scryed
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