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  1. Sound. I have no problem listening to songs with lyrics in a language I don't understand (Rammstein most often).
  2. Final Fantasy III (VI Japan) for the SNES as a Christmas present. I think I put about 10 hours into it in the by the end of Boxing Day.
  3. FF because of AdBlockPlus and NoScript. I don't have a problem with noscript popping up a tab to their webpage with the change list every 2 weeks or so when it updates.
  4. Playing some classic Doom 3. I don't think it would end up well for me.
  5. Some martial arts movies I missed in the last couple years that are supposed to be pretty good (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, War of the Arrows, Wu Xia).
  6. I played WoW for about 3 years (early Burning Crusade to late Wrath of the Lich King) and haven't played any MMOs since, though I expect a couple friends will be dragging me into Guild Wars 2.
  7. The Dead Island theme song "Who Do You Voodoo, B**** " is amazing.
  8. Beer

    Doctor Who

    I've seen maybe 10 episodes or so of the new series, but I love the old one. Started watching it from William Hartnell (the first Doctor in 1963) last year, and I'm going through the third Doctor (250-some episodes later) right now.
  9. If you're putting together an NES collection, you should try to get Crystalis. It's somewhere between a Zelda-style adventure and a RPG and definitely a classic.
  10. Watch the shows you enjoy. You have nothing to be ashamed about. I've enjoyed a bunch of supposedly "girly" shows (Lovely Complex is one of my favorites). Tell anyone who teases you that you're secure in your sexuality and maybe they should look at themselves for compensating for something with bullying.
  11. I'll always watch them once, and if I like the song, I'll probably watch it every episode. I seem to remember watching a few shows that have a different song every episode or two, but I can't remember the names.
  12. Phew. I was out of town without internet access since the 12th, and I came back a couple days ago to find the filehosting world in tatters. I'm glad Kametsu isn't calling it quits. I hope the filehosting sites will quiet down in a few weeks after this initial panic. Fileserve is already allowing uploads and downloads again, though it seems they've wiped almost all of the old files. Rapidshare and Mediafire seem like my go-to's for the moment, though that will probably change as uploaders and encoding groups decide on a new standard site or two like they did with MU/FS/FSo. I hope Kametsu stays with filehosts as one of it's main systems, but I can see a torrent tracker being popular as well.
  13. A live-action version of Hellsing Ultimate would be pretty cool. It would blow the 2004 Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman out of the water, I'm sure.
  14. I don't think alcohol itself is a problem, I think it's the culture that makes it taboo. Kids that grow up with alcohol being treated as a legitimate part of life (small glass of wine or beer with supper, for example) and not something that will ruin them are less likely to binge drink or drink and drive, as alcohol isn't the "forbidden fruit" it is in some other places.
  15. I would open all the good whisky and beers I've had stashed away for special occasions, and let all the friends and relatives within driving distance know to come and join me.
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