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  1. No. The longest was about 1,800 episodes. Correction the longest anime is 6500 episodes in length and still ongoing. Yes there is gonna be more episodes O_O It started in Oct 5, 1969 and called Sazae-san and the tv series is based on a comic strip and before ya think that isn't an anime well tough luck it is! just the art style might not strike to westerns as anime since they aint so used of the old art style some anime are based on.
  2. I totally agree, he is one of my favourites but gotta love Al for his love of kitties and I love Winry!
  3. Howl's moving castle is my fav while spirited away was my first ghibli movie which i loved. Gave of the fireflies was the most sadest movie that i also liked. Tales of earthsea is another of my favs. Hmm it's so hard to choose just one fav in particular because there are a few movies in the collection that are equally the same in terms of liking yaknow.
  4. I always prefered Sora coz Roxas is his nobody but still has a seperate personality if ya think about it. Sora kinda reminds me of me most times since i'm fairly outgoing, calm, always willing to protect my friends, rarely gives up and can be rather goofy and clumsy at times.
  5. So tech it's like an award system. Hmm... sounds good to me of course but there is a tad downside since some things might end up to those that are popular ya know sounding like a complete popularity contest. Still limitations I'm sure is applied like can't be nominated twice in a certain given period. Sorry if i sounded a tad clueless yakno
  6. gotta admit that is pretty hilarious..
  7. Already have my eyes set on a few anime in that selection
  8. Frankly that was the first image i seen in relation to what HP might look like if it was an anime. Still it would be pretty cool if this became true but not likely gonna happen. I'd definitely watch it if it was in that style.
  9. Yeah I am pretty curious as to how the animation will be. Still there is a few remakes out there of the older series that ended in a disaster. I aint gonna get into detail there The opening song is pretty catchy.
  10. I like the first series to the second. Not sure why, i guess the storyline was a little better. Of course it aint stopping me from following the second season.
  11. I actually like this show. Shame it ended in a rather sad note as in being a to be continued note ya know.
  12. Well I like the original compared to the new season because Aang is fairly funny. As for the LIVE Action i was like O_O seriously i had high hopes for this and it really was terrible. Not the overall special effects but the actors that played the characters. I hated the actress that played Katara. Dunno why tho. I guess it was colour difference perhaps or might be the way she portrayed the character.
  13. LOL I have to admit the new season isn't half bad. I'm following it myself and the storyline is fairly good. The VA who voiced Lion-O in the classic voiced Lion-O's father in the new series so technically it's keeping with voice even when you don't realize it. Shame tho that character was killed off.
  14. I actually have the movies and seasons 1-3 on my hard drive. I still have to get the season with Roxy. I had it on my other hard drive but unfortunately it failed
  15. Hmm for me my first game EVER was Super Mario Brothers i had for GBA. as for Ps2 it was Final fantasy X
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