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  1. I have to admit I was very skeptical on the reveal of tobi being obito (especially given what happened with kabuto). . . However, obito's backstory shows far superior writing to the kabuto backstory, and has a lot of potential for filling in gaps. Also, I'm very interested in seeing how Obito transitions to controlling the mizukage (possibly as a result of this fight)
  2. The new chapter puts an interesting twist on things. If madara really manages to turn obito "to the dark side" (how cheesy) then he might fill in obito's missing left eye with his own. This would mean that after nagato's betrayal, obito began to work on his own instead of maintaining madaras original plan, symbolized when he spent madaras sharingan on izanagi, effectively discarding both madara's power and madara's intentions (as seen when he begins the mazou transformation early, claiming to not need a fully powered 10 tailed best for what he has in mind). Also, the shape of the bodies might not be predesigned to match obito's abilities, but directly cause his powers to take on that shape (as well as his spiral mask).
  3. On a completely different note, I just realized that waaaay back in the day, tobi found deidara's arm. Rather, tobi found the arm deidara lost to kakashi's kamui. http://manga.animea.net/naruto-chapter-276-page-10.html It isn't clear if the whole arm was consumed, or only the mid portion (still separating the arm) but this makes it completely possible that tobi was physically in the surrounding woods, but was looking in the "other dimension" for deidara's arm, and quickly ported it to reality as deidara approached.
  4. maybe... just maybe... we are about to receive another poorly planned back story akin to kabuto's mess. I really hope not :S tobi has been such an interesting character I would hate for kishi to try and spin tobi into obito
  5. I still consider it possible that tobi merely collected obito's eye (while tobi's body was pinned under rock, it was never revealed how damaged his right half was, since his right half was never revealed. Also, tobi has been shown as being capable of using earth style with his tunneling like a mole technique during the deidara v sasuke fight). Tobi is also shown to have a vast collection of sharingans in case he needs to replace an eye (or perhaps construct his own 6 paths of pain). Thus, tobi has spent time collecting uchiha eyes (how many he collected during the uchiha massacre and how many he collected prior remain to be seen), so it is possible he used the war to gather sharingan eyes from slain uchiha. The tales of kakashi that made him so renowned would also have indicated to tobi the location of a fallen uchiha (obito). I get long winded and rambly... Of course, I'm biased towards this because I am sitting on the theory that tobi is madara's younger brother (who we know has had his eyes plucked, so he has a need of spares, and plenty of them if he could only use izanagi prior to space-time jutsu to bail himself out (only theory)). There are a few ways that could work out, especially if you consider that madara got his rinnegan on his deathbed. He could have used the rinnegan revival jutsu to resurrect his brother, with plans to take madaras rinnegan and implant them in a host (nagato) who would then revive madara. However, I think tobi purposefully is trying to complete the plan on his own because madara stole his eyes. In the anime (not the best of evidence) tobi discusses how madara stole the eyes, claiming it was for the good of the clan, but (should my theory hold a grain of truth this would sting retrospectively) asks how anyone could do such a thing to their little brother. This would also explain tobi's fascination with itachi, since itachi has proven more trouble than he was worth for tobi (preventing any claim against the leaf and trying to kill him), it may be that tobi admired itachi's love for his younger brother.
  6. Kakashi's kamui sends whatever he observes into the "other dimension," the same one tobi passes through (we saw him hold sasuke and in the anime nagato there) with his jutsu. It had been believed that tobi possessed 1 jutsu that allowed him to travel to that dimension/take other things there (his teleportation) and a seperate jutsu that allowed him to become intangible. However, kakashi noted the scratch on tobi's mask, and theorized that when tobi became intangible, his body was actually in the "other dimension," only leaving a visual projection of his body in the real world. Thus, when kakashi used kamui on the rasengan while tobi was intangible, tobi and the rasengan were in the other dimension at the same time and roughly the same position, thus how kakashi and naruto were able to damage tobi. Of course, kakashi can only use so much kamui, and tobi still hasn't used his rinnegan in this fight, so the battle is far from over.
  7. So do we never get any further backstory on zetsu beyond "he was made from hashirama cells?" Like, I understand we've put up with a lot of backstory and are in the middle of a lot of action, but that is a story I am really anticipating.
  8. Its absolutely ridiculous, since there are 2 other major battles going on right now that he could be giving exposure to in order to buy time for figuring out what to do with itachi/izanami. Instead we get to draw out this fight for even more chapters.
  9. Deidara and Sasori's deaths were actually really fitting, since they became the embodiment of what each believed to be true art. Sasori died, but his body remained behind forever, never rotting; and Deidara became an expression of passion in a single, explosive moment.
  10. hmmm, it seems a little sloppy how they handled what we had been told about kabuto's past, but it makes sense, to a degree. Still frustrating how little it tells about sasori, as well as most of his past; as if they were trying to cover one big hole they were slowly tearing open.
  11. Danzo is really favoring that one eye of his, think this was around when he lost his eye, or took shisui's? Also, when does sasori play into all this? sasori sent kabuto to orochimaru as a spy, but orochimaru was able to get kabuto to turn, even after kabuto's sasori-memory was returned. But they are completely ignoring that here! ARGHHH conflicting kabuto pasts! maybe izanama makes plot holes?
  12. It's sort of shocking, that kabuto vs sasuke & itachi doesn't seem to be tipping in either side's favor. Madara looks to be doing very well against the kages, while team naruto defeated the jinchuriki paths; the uchihas vs kabuto though seems to be very balanced (I still wish kabuto would summon any remaining edo tensei's sometime in the fight, he at least has torune, though idk how torune would handle this scale of combat...). All that i do know is that it feels like kishi's gonna switch battles again next chapter, keep all the fights in suspense without letting any of them get forgotten.
  13. Personally, I like that they are flushing out the world, and keeping with a balanced theme. All the sannin summons (presumably) have some form of sage mode, since sage mode is just utilizing nature energy to create more powerful chakra. It even ties in the curse marks and how they would create permanent physical modifications to the user, since it was an imperfect means of controlling the nature chakra.
  14. black zetsu's sort of... debilitation? i found to be a tad dissappointing. I really hope he doesn't just get swept under the rug like most of the edo tensei's were. Most of them weren't definitively beaten, or got no screentime. they just decided to say "yup, all the problems are taken care of. all ninjas report to the manga final boss confrontation zone to do nothing but provide moral support."
  15. I feel like kabuto can make itachi fight sasuke, since technically itachi is programmed to "protect konoha," and sasuke has already told him he plans on destroying konoha. I also like the characterization for madara we're getting, he's not falling under the sort of cheesy "I'm gonna be the strongest bad guy ever" thing where the villain's entire personality is summed up as "evil ambition."
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