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  1. I have a bad feeling that funimation is going to make us wait another six months for season 10 of one piece. And I probably still won't have dual audio 480p rips of voyages 4 and 5.

  2. If they were uploaded by Cartoons or tooncore they won't be re-uploaded.
  3. Hopefully they'll be available on their streaming service as well so we'll get them sooner.
  4. I saw wonder woman a couple days ago. In the beginning it was ok I heard some Greek mythology I hadn't heard before but then it just turned into a female version of captain America the first avenger, a movie that I could not stay awake long enough to enjoy. I guess I don't really see the appeal of putting god-like super heroes in boring human war scenarios.
  5. I can only think of three grab koby's dual audio encode of one punch man. Funimation has released the first two episodes of one piece season 9 voyage 1 but no one here has ripped them from the website and shared them. I just went and grabbed them from watchcartoononline. The second season of attack on Titan is airing now on toonami you can grab neutral hatred's dual audio encode of that.
  6. No gory stuff that's all that's popping into my head right now lol! Soul Eater Ouran high school host club Fairy tail Magi Moribito guardian of the spirit Nana My bride is a mermaid Spice and wolf Cowboy bebop Nura rise of the yokai clan
  7. Well I could go on and on about how much I love one piece but I think you should definitely give it a shot. You can even watch it for free on the funimation website. If you end up not liking it no big deal but if you end up loving it you can just watch back to back episodes.
  8. There's software that removes DRM but they are pricey. Because of the DRM you can only play it on apple devices but you shouldn't have a problem watching them on a PC. I've only downloaded one series from iTunes and that was way back in 2011. I try to avoid iTunes because of all their restrictions. If you don't mind me asking what series are you wanting to get?
  9. My itunes folder is in the music folder on my PC that's where itunes files will go. You shouldn't need to convert the files and you actually can't until you remove the drm from each file. But you'll only be able to watch these videos on the itunes software or quicktime video player, or an apple device.
  10. One piece season 9 voyage 1 June 20th.

  11. April 25th Blu-ray and DVD release date for one punch man.

    1. Ashven288


      The 6 ova are also included. And they are dubbed.

    2. diamonddustlove


      Oh really I usually don't watch the OVAs because their not dubbed. Well that makes me even more excited!

    3. manc4life


      Are the dubbed OVAs available anywhere or should we have to wait for the home release?

  12. You might just have to wait until they fix what ever problems their having. A number of the websites I visit have been having server and host problems and are down for extended periods of time. Do they have a Facebook or Twitter account that you can check?
  13. Woo hoo!!! Pink is back it was weird not seeing everyone's nickname in pink, especially my own.
  14. Yep been there and still recovering. I lost everything anime, music, manga, movies. I'm actually surprised at how many things I've gotten back and then some. That's why I will always be grateful to anyone that has ever uploaded any kind of copywrited content. It's kept me sane for the past decade.
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