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  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

  2. well speaking of Killer Bee i wonder how he would sound in english well i have to wait till it gets dubed i doubt that it will happen any time sooner
  3. giving it a thought having Sharingan i could copy great artists sculptures i could memorise anything i see
  4. i wanted to talk about this for a long time you know it just for fun I'm pretty sure there are so many uses for jutsus from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Like Wood techniques you could build your own house out of it and Chidori/raikiri for free electricity
  5. What is your Favorite character voice in Naruto or Naruto Shippuden from both versions Japanese and English in English Kakashi's Voice in Japanese Narutos's Voice
  6. everyone's taking it wrong sakura's love for naruto is different she cares for naruto she worries for naruto she's a good friend. naruto has a crush on sakura but naruto himself knows that sakura still loves sasuke even his an S rank criminal but hinata has a deep love for naruto from their childhood she never express's it to naruto and she's a little shy.... okay she's not a little shy she's too shy The Right thing Would be Naruto Hinata and Sasuke Sakura
  7. One Thousand Percent NO. i do believe they exist somewhere in the universe but they create us humm... no not happening
  8. i started to watch Naruto in Tv Cartoon Network Some Years back when i didn't even own a computer seeing the first episode where it starts like a story telling about the nine tail demon fox attacking the village and being sealed into a child after that naruto was goofing off he was a child after all he was treated badly by everyone in the village i didn't expect anything i was getting a little bored the point where i got interested in naruto is when battling against Haku Naruto's seal will be loosen and the power of the kyuubi world come out a little bit and that made naruto interesting . naruto is just a starting point in shippuden things will be Blasting. if you skip watching naruto it wouldn't really give you the priveledge of knowing what Shippuden is truly like. You miss a lot of the key developments of the main characters, and even if you think you know the story (not saying That you don't) theres just something different in watching the episodes. You miss the epic battle scenes and betrayals, the jutsus and the improvement of jutsu, the comedic moments of inner Sakura and idiot Naruto, the perverted commentary of Jiraiya, the deviousness of Orichimaru....yeah. Not to mention You miss the amazing amazing AMAZING soundtracks for backround music and theme songs. You also miss how the execute the handsigns and how they progress to actually getting to shippuden. You also miss the VERY KEY MOMENTS of Naruto and Kyuubi's relationship
  9. if the writer doesn't have a plan on what to do with naruto and hinata then i can't Expect any romance between them i was watching naruto beside the main Story line i was wondering if there will be any improvement between them But Nothing and know in Shippuden there's a lot of time for Filers but no time for them i guess your right naruto and hinata cant get together until the end
  10. well Yeah i would love to see it too but as RikuoAmero said after this so called episode confession went by naruto doesn't even give a thought about what hinata said even though naruto transforms into the kyuubi after watching hinata get hurt but i have a doubt did naruto really listen what henata said about how she feels for him?
  11. Gaara0


    Glad to Have you here Enjoy yourself and Explore things that you like here
  12. Do i believe in God I think of god as hope I'have been in a lot of bad situations in my childhood at some point i did think God will help us in a point where there's no hope? then why is god not helping me and how would god know my cry for help or someone like that really exist but at the end i did get out of that Thinking that everything is doomed no one will help me now won't do anything good that someone is God So God is Hope That i Have
  13. if you Haven't watched this Anime Series then i highly Recommend this Naruto shippuden :if you want to understand Naruto world then you must start from watching Naruto before Naruto shippuden Naruto is not Heavy in action like Naruto shippuden but it's not bad Bleach :Bleach is also great field with power Friends like Naruto But Naruto is about Ninja world and Bleach is about Souls and Hollows this are all mixed with everything action,heavy storyline,comedy and Love
  14. Gaara0

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to kametsu We are Happy to have you here this is a Great Place for Anime Thoughts Good luck ohh and have a Great Christmas
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    Welcome to kametsu your english is not bad you'll earn a lot of Friends in Notime and if you want that to Happen Talk to everyone Good luck and have a Great Time
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