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  1. drewzten

    Is Aizen Evil to The Core?

    Yes, he planned a scheme from the very beginning. He sided with the menos and his wanted the kings key to take over soul society!
  2. drewzten

    Is Urahara trustworthy ?

    His a curious character! pretty shady, but i can see good in him! His done alot for ichigo
  3. Zoro is stronger, he bet captain luffy. His got swords and can slice through anything. Legs cant take on swords!
  4. drewzten

    Who do you prefer, Luffy or Ace?

    Ace is everything luffy is except his not funny! I prefer luffy, his laid back, doesnt take things too seriously. And he knows when to be serious!
  5. drewzten

    One Piece

    One Piece is an 11/10. Starts off slow because he starts solo and has to find his crew members. Great show if you have the patience. Throws in alot of comedy, which is awesome. The friendship and character development is fantastic, and watching the bond between nakama is awesome. The fights are so different and entertaining. I love One piece, its the best!
  6. drewzten

    does Gin Ichimaru deserve to die?

    No, he deserved to get injured, because he sided with aizen the whole way. But thats all, deep down, his good
  7. drewzten

    will ichigo be head captain?

    No, he will always remain a substitute shinigami, and eventually one day return to the real world. Just like his Dad
  8. drewzten

    Hinata and Naruto? The Romance

    Naruto still loves Sakura
  9. drewzten

    Looking for anime suggestions!

    Great Teacher Onizuka Durarara! Black Lagoon Naruto Bleach Fairy Tail ONE PIECE Dragonball z Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Soul Eater Sword Art Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Naruto Shippuuden
  10. drewzten

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi is a mean machine! His just all out brute strength, legit and no handicaps! that's all he needs to own!
  11. drewzten

    When will it END?

    Madara and obito scheme will end in this present war. And then sasuke and naruto will fight and make up, then become friends and live happily ever after
  12. drewzten

    Why do people like Sasuke so much ?

    They like sasuke because his experiences relate to real life. People have gone through ups and downs, through struggle and pain. Experiences like that may have lead to anger etc. People like him because almost everyone has been through something like this which leads to a strange bond with sasuke.
  13. drewzten

    One Piece

    Slow start and funny drawings!
  14. drewzten

    Where do the dead go after death????????

    We become spirits, soul reapers! when they die they get reincarnated