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  1. It's been a while now… it's good to be back :D

  2. Fullmetal Alchemist, I watched it twice then I watched other things but for some reason I like it a lot (both versions with the respective movies and OVA's)
  3. I started with the 1st gen iPod nano, it was nice but I filled it pretty quickly (4 GB), then I got the first gen iPod Touch (8 GB) but the same thing happened, so now I have a 32 GB 4th gen iPod Touch. It has lots of space but I'm a music addict so i'm guessing it won't last long, but the plus side is that I can watch my anime in it at full 720p!
  4. well I used to buy them at this store called Game Planet, which is the "equivalent" to GameStop in Mexico but since now I'm sticking with the computer, I get them with Steam, is great (as long as you have an OK download speed) and if you switch computers you don't have to worry about achievements or data loss.
  5. I definitely prefer download over stream. I'm sure that if you look deep inside the infiniteness of the Worldwide Web, you would be able to find some decent streaming quality but, still, I don't wanna waste time, just download however you prefer it, LQ, HQ, HD, Dual-audio, subbed, dubbed, or whatever…
  6. I watched the whole Requiem for the Phantom in one day, which it's like 26 episodes or so, but I was free that day so is not like I can do that very often, and even if I could, I wouldn't do it again. I felt so bad for not doing anything really productive that day… Everyone has limits for doing the same thing for a long time. I think my max would be around 15 episodes.
  7. I always download at 720p, no more, no less… because sometimes that's the top image quality that you'll get, even from the Blu-Ray. I like dual audio because I can try one or the other and use whichever one I liked the most. Most of my anime I watch it on my computer, but since I have a big screen, I don't mind it. But I also like to watch it on the TV sometimes, specially if the anime has 5.1 surround sound (not really necessary, but it's a nice touch though). Whenever I am on the go, I just re-encode so I can take it on my iPod, and since the top quality the iPod can take is 720p, well… I don't loose any quality at all…
  8. Need for Speed Nitro, it was shit… I know all NFS are more arcade than Gran Turismo or Forza but since it was for the Wii it was kinda like "for kids" and that really really screwed it up. Never again…
  9. I'm currently watching Code Geass R2, so far I like it a lot, I'm around chapter 14, I like how events come up and how some people suddenly happen to be rivals or allies for whatever reason. I have to say that I was shocked by the dead of a certain person and can't wait until Lelouch avenges that person… I had heard about Code Geass for a while now and finally gave it a try, and boy… what was I missing…
  10. iMac with 2.7GHz i5, 1TB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM, 21.5" display 1920x1080 and NVIDIA Geforce 640m with 512 MB. Not the best computer for gaming per say but handles video flawlessly… I also have a partition with windows 7 for the occasional gaming which is not bad actually…
  11. FLCL, it is completely bizzarre, but I liked it and it has a lot of funny moments, the side-down is that it is only a couple episodes long, but that's probably a good thing because it would become too much after a while.
  12. Spice and Wolf, Fullmetal Alchemist (both the original and Brotherhood), Death Note, Requiem for the Phantom Movies like The Girl who leaped through time, Howl's Moving Castle, and all the Rebuild of Evangelion movies (can't wait for the third one!)
  13. I'd have to say Death Note. Just like the poster said, they are really similar in some ways, but I always liked more the serious and dark story of Death Note. Maybe not so many will agree with this, but I liked the ending, it just had to happen, there was no other way. The way both Light and L plan things out and how it ets more complex is something that totally sucked me into it. After all L is in my signature right? lol
  14. I am currently watching Code Geass, but i stopped for a while since I don't have my own computer and can't find time to do it, but nevertheless, it is an awesome anime, I like to compare it with death note (though it is not as dark) with the awesome power and mind controlling attitude that can get away with anything. Awesome! I hope to pick it up soon
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