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  1. wageslaver

    Darker than Black Season 2

    good to know, as I am just finishing up season 1. SO GOOOD
  2. wageslaver

    Need a Sig!

    this would be the ideal image
  3. wageslaver

    Irish's Graphics Shop.

    TYPE: sig RENDER: Whatever you feel like/what goes best TEXT: WAGESLAVER COLOUR(S)/THEME darker than black/character: hei with mask, coolest picture you can find :] EXTRA(S): blood spatters/ stars(like stars in the sky, like in darker than black) Thanks in advance if you decide to do this! pm me if ya want
  4. wageslaver

    Rinoa's GFX

    i'm new and would looooove your help! TYPE: sig RENDER: Whatever you feel like TEXT: WAGESLAVER COLOUR(S)/THEME:Darker than black/character: hei with mask, coolest picture you can find :] EXTRA(S): blood spatters? Thanks in advance!
  5. wageslaver

    Which sig is best?

    version 3, like it better with border.
  6. wageslaver

    Need a Sig!

    Hey guys, just wondering if theres anyone out there who'd be willing to make a sig? I have no experience in these, and ive seen aloooooot of really nice ones. I'd really like one for "darker than black" or "Death Note" if possible. PM if willing to do this! thanks!
  7. wageslaver

    Favorite Character [Anime]

    Light yagami is such a G
  8. wageslaver

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Death Note 10/10. ive only seen a few animes so far, but I have a strong feeling this will always remain one of my top 3 favorites, its tooooo good.
  9. wageslaver

    similar to death note

    alrighty, i shall watch all of them, thanks for the recommendations! much appreciated.
  10. wageslaver

    similar to death note

    oh yeah is code geass psychological like that? watched the first episode didnt really get that impression. and whats eden of the east like?
  11. wageslaver

    Something serious and Intelligent.

    disagreed, death note is a totally intelligent anime!
  12. likes: darker than black, fullmetal:brotherhood, soul eater, death note
  13. hey guys, looking for a new anime thats similar to death note. meaning, dark, intellectual characters that constantly outsmart each other. any recommendations?
  14. FMA brotherhood - dubbed ADDICTEDDDD. :]
  15. wageslaver

    n000b to anime

    Hey guys im totally new to anime, have watched soul eater first, loved it. then watched death note, loved it evern more. now I am on fma brotherhood, LOVING IT EVEN MORE. it gets better and better lol. any recommendations for my next one?