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  1. i fixed the gundam 00 links sorry it took so long

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  3. my tech teacher invite me to some kind of career meeting. i was the one of two that were invited. i met a lot of people that had more experience than i have. but besides that nothing much

  4. sooo bored... so whats up

  5. i agree with this plan
  6. i was a twinkle in my father eye when the internet was first being invented so i don't know
  7. i was tricked into taking my little sister trick-or-treat but i had fun
  8. hey mae what happen to the chat box?

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  10. i died well that kinda disappointing but good story
  11. this loveless show your trying to find are you sure its been dub because i looked for it for you but i could not find it but ... not judging your taste but its ... yaoi right i mean i dont know but from what i saw...

  12. happy related birthday eve

  13. Chapter 5: The First Meeting [On the mountain] It’s been a week since Nora got his familiar and he hasn’t summon it, manly out of fear but it was something more than that. He felt something more like a deep darkness in his familiars silver eyes. “I still can believe that you got Rigaldo.” Said Reijou. “Yeah I know.” Replied Nora. “So tell me why haven’t you been using him?” Asked Vera. “Its because I’m scared of him.” Said Nora. “That’s why because your scared stop being a pansy.” Said Akio. “As long as you’re his master he won’t attack you and beside he choose you.” Said Reijou. “Yeah I know but still.” Said Nora. [Other side of the mountain] The training between Miki and Kujo continues. “Do you feel that?” Asked Kujo. “Of course, it’s that bastard Zero but why is he coming here?” Said Miki. “It might be because of that power we felt a week ago.” Said Kujo. “I guess we should go greet him.” Said Miki. Miki and Kujo rush down the mountain to greet Zero. “Master Zero it been a while, what brings you here?” Asked Miki. “I’m here to greet the man you failed to kill.” Said Zero. “Nora? What do you mean? He’s not here.” Said Miki. “I guess you need to work on sensing people because he’s been here for a week.” Said Zero. “That’s not possible.” Replied Kujo. “It is possible and he is here, but not to worry I’m only here to give him a little test.” Said Zero. “Test? What kind of test?” Asked Miki. [still on mountain] “Something almost inhuman just appeared on the mountain.” Said Vera. “I … I know I just felt it, but it feels like I know this presence.” Exclaimed Reijou. “We have to get out of here or a least get a real weapon that can do some damage.” Said Vera. “That won’t do you any good at least not now.” Expressed a distant voice. “Shit he’s here.” Vera Said as she turned to face the voice. “Its nice to meet you I’m Zero and as I’m sure you have already met Miki and Kujo, oh wait they WERE your childhood friends, anyway I am the one who order you to be killed.” Said Zero. “You bastard why would you do that, what did I do to you?” Asked Nora. “It was so you can get your familiar, I‘m trying to get people that would be more of a fight. I don’t like to fight weaklings, you … I sensed that you could be strong. The only people that can take me on at the moment are Leki, My “dear” sister, and the moderators in charge of the tournament.” Said Zero. “The moderators? Who are they?” Asked Nora. “That would be me.” Said a distant voice as a bolt of lightning shot down from a cloudless sky and hit the ground and a man appeared out of the light. “Isn’t this interesting.” Said the man. “Who are you?” Asked Nora. “I’m one of the three moderators, but my name is Vance Rider.” Said Vance. “Yes this interesting because moderators don’t usually get involved with us. Fights betweens us happen all the time why is this any different?” Asked Zero. “Its not I just wanted to see how Nora would be able to progress. So as you might have guessed I cant exactly have you killing him.” Said Vance. “I wasn’t planning on killing him at least not today anyway its gotten a little too crowed here so I think ill be going. Miki, Kujo lets get going.” Demanded Zero. Miki and Kujo followed Zero without saying a word doing the best to keep them selves from falling apart, they were not prepared to see the friend they have been betraying. For a second Nora saw their faces with a tear in their eye. “Why would they be crying? Something is wrong, the way they looked at Zero I saw such hatred in their eyes, I see he must have something over them. They were such good friends with Nora it was hard to believe they would suddenly start hating him.” That was the though going though Reijou head. “I know what your thinking and I saw it too.” Said Vera. “Do you think we should tell Nora? Asked Vera. I don’t know. Replied Reijou. I don’t think we should now but we will tell him.” Said Reijou. Well I think ill be going, oh Nora don’t disappoint me. Said Vance. Wait. Said Nora but it was too late Vance already disappear with a bolt of lighting. Damn I had questions for him. Said Nora in a pissed manner.
  14. Chapter 4: Nora Familiar [On one side of the mountain](Nora, Vera, and Reijou) Vera and Reijou were standing in the woods as Nora was getting away. “Aren’t you going to chase after him?” Asked Reijou. “No reason, you know as well as I that he can’t get away, not from me anyway.” Said Vera. “What I wanted to talked to you about is that I sense that Miki girl and a power a little stronger than her, I’m not sure but I think their fighting but I don’t sense blood lust that’s strange.” Said Vera. “Its called sparing and that what I want you to do with Nora so don’t kill him I don’t want him dead.” Said Reijou. “So why did you bring him here you knew they were here.” Said Vera. “Because there would be no point in running away from them.” Said Vera. “Hmm, he’s far enough, I guess I should use my familiar now, Make it snow in Hell Zetsawa!” Said Vera. A Zebra whose stripes constantly moving appeared. “Remember alive I want him alive.” Said Reijou. “Yeah I know, Time slow, now Future sight! Oh he’s will be right there I need to surprise him.” Said Vera. Nora ran behind a tree thinking he got a least a mile way or so he thought. Dark storm clouds rolled in from out of nowhere. “What’s going on there were no clouds in the sky but now there storms coming?” Said Nora. “What took you so long?” Said Vera. “Holy crap how’d you get here I lift you in the dust.” Said Nora. Nora you can’t escape I was trained to tracked down people and kill them without hesitations.” Said Vera. Nora took out the blade seeing that he could not get away he prepared himself to fight. Nora took a swipe at Vera but Zetsawa blocked it and Vera followed up with a cut to Nora shirt intentional missing his skin. Nora fell back and hit the tree, causing him to drop the blade, Vera took out shurikin and pinned down Nora to the tree. She took out a katana from nowhere. “Where are you hiding all those?” Nora asked. Vera giggled and put the katana to his heart. “That’s enough I cant allow you to kill him after all he’s my new master.” Said a voice resounding throughout the mountain. Before they realized Zetsawa was cut in half and disappear into Vera. “Wha … what the hell just happen? Zetsawa was defeated!?” Shouted Vera. “A black loin standing upright with silver eyes appeared next to Nora. “I am The Silver-Eyed Lion King Rigaldo, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Said Rigaldo. Rigaldo turned to Vera, “it been a while since I killed a clock worker. In order to try and save your familiar that I bet I beat twice you kept using you time attack to make sure I didn’t hit anything vital, I have to say I’m impressed.” Said Rigaldo. “How did he know that? No one has ever seen thought my time attack.” Said Vera. “Not that this hasn’t been fun, but its time for you to die.” Proclaimed Rigaldo. Rigaldo prepared for his finale attack on Vera but he was stop by Nora who was prepared to shield Vera with his body. “Why… why are you protecting me?” Asked Vera. “Because I don’t want to see you die.” Said Nora. “Are you sure about this, we should just kill them.” Said Rigaldo. No, this is an order she will live.” Said Nora. Already ordering me around, fine I understand as a sign of our new contract.” Said Rigaldo as he disappeared. “Where did he go?” Asked Nora. “He went in a dormant state.” Replied Vera. “When you call on him he should appear.” Said Vera. “Oh I see.” Said Nora. “Well lets get back to Reijou. Said Vera. Yeah lets go.” Replied Nora. [Other side of the mountain] The overwhelming pressure given off by the release of The Silver-Eyed Lion King stuns Miki and Kujo along with their familiars. “Did … did you feel that?” Asked Kujo. “Of course, how could I not?” Replied Miki. “Was that a familiar, there is only one familiar I ever felt with that kind of power and that was Brago, Zero’s familiar.” Said Kujo. “Should we go over there?” Asked Kujo. “I see so you don’t value you life, we don’t even know what caused that sudden surge in power.” Replied Miki. [At different locations] “Well Zero you got what you wanted, he got The Silver-Eyed Lion King just like you planed. So what are you going to do now, he’s now on the same level as your Brago.” Said Shiratara. “I know isn’t it great? I guess I meet him in person now.” Said Zero “Leki did you feel that, that power was amazing, its way stronger than mine.” Said Miyuki. “Yeah I felt it, somebody just came into a familiar with amazing amounts of power but I guess I should be happy for whomever. After all meeting Miyuki made my life way better. So what do you think rezin?” Asked Leki. “I think its weird that you love your familiar.” Replied Rezin. “Not that and screw you.” Said Leki. “Oh you mean the power, its strong we are going to have a hard time beating it.” Said Rezin. “Yeah we will.” Replied Leki. (in a ally way a fight is taking place) “I guess a new competitor has entered and he’s strong I cant wait to see him and take him apart.” Said Irish. “Don’t ignore me bastard.” Said a thug. The thug pulls out a gun and begins to empty his clip, but realizes the bullets don’t even hit Irish. “I would advise against shooting at me again.” Said Irish. The thug dose not listen and fires his last shot aimed at Irish head (Vector Change) the bullet change direction and kills the thug. “I told you so.” Irish says with a small grin on his face. Someone comes walking out of the bar. “Again, learn some control.” Said the man. “He pulled a gun on me Alan.” Said Irish. “You know that wont hurt you, well let’s get out of here.”
  15. the original series has 51 but fma.brotherhood 64 i think but only 52 have been dub but the rest are on the way

  16. Chapter 3: Vera's assault [in Front of the Hospital] “Ok Nora your finally out and lucky us, its summer.” Said Reijou. “Now go to your house and tell your parent you and me are going on a “camping trip” and hurry up we only have 3 mouths before the tournament begins.” Said Reijou. “Come to think of it I don’t even know what the tournament even is.” Said Nora. “Oh… I didn’t tell you… hmm. “Well there no need for you to know now, I’ll tell you “if” you survives my training.” Said Reijou. “How hard can it be.” said Nora. You have no idea. Said Akio with a grin on her face. “Oh by the way training starts now.” Said Reijou. “What do you mean by that?” Asked Nora. “Oh I didn’t tell you that either wow I’m forgetting a lot of things, anyway I‘m going to work you to near death. Anyway run home you have one hour. Said Reijou. It takes 2 buses and a train to get there from here. Nora replied. “RUN! Or ill get Akio to rip you skin off.” Nora saw she was not joking and took off running. “I’m not the running type.” Nora whizzed. “I finally got home.” Nora said trying to catch his breath. “What took you so long?” Said Reijou. “What the Hell … how did you get here before me?” Nora asked. “I took a cab.” Reijou replied. “Anyway where are your parents they aren’t here,” asked Reijou. “They are overseas; I only came here to get my stuff.” Nora answered. “Then get your crap and lets get going.” Reijou demanded. Nora began packing his thing but the picture on his dresser kept grabbing his attention. It was a picture of him, Miki and Kujo. “When … when did it go wrong?” He asked himself. “Properly when she started to ignore me or was it before then.” Nora said. “Are you done yet?” Reijou asked. “Yeah I’m done.” Nora replied. “Well lets go.” Said Reijou. “Wait, where are we even going.” Asked Nora. “In the mountains.” Replied Reijou. “Why there.” Asked Nora. “Because if we were to summon a huge familiar by mistake it could takeout the whole city, I mean the city doesn’t mean that much to me but I would think you would care about it.” Said Reijou. “Well were wasting time lets get going already.” Said Reijou. “Yeah lets go.” Nora replied. [Mountain] (Currently at the mountain is Kujo and Miki) “Miki I hope your realize that Shiratara is pissed, right.” Said Kujo. “Yeah but I don’t give a damn if he’s mad. Is Zero also mad at me?” Asked Miki. “No I don’t think he cares but why do you care?” Asked Kujo. “Because he is holding our families captive or did you forget, and for some reason he wants us to kill Nora,” Said Miki. “Speaking of that why dose he want us to kill Nora, sure Nora can partake in the tournament but that’s no reason, Zero could easily win with his power.” Said Kujo. “Oh by the way why did you drag me out here?” Said Kujo. “I need your help your stronger than I am at the moment and you familiar is as close to that tiger as I can get.” Said Miki. “Tiger? Oh the tiger that kicked you ass, sis.” Said Kujo. “Didn’t I tell you not to call me that.” Spouted Miki. “Relax I was just messing with you.” Replies Kujo. “Well you already know that I will follow you anywhere.” Said Kujo. “Anyway lets begin you training.” Said Kujo. “Blaze and devour, Ninjo! Prepare yourself I still don’t have full control over Ninjo.” Said Kujo. Suddenly a fantasy like fire tiger appeared. “I’m always impressed when I see your Ninjo however … I‘m not going easy on you, Cover the earth in your chains! Leia!” Said Miki. [On the other side of the mountain] “Ok Nora training starts now, Vera you can come out now I know your watching us.” Said Reijou. “I’m impressed; the first time we met you couldn’t sense me even when I was stand in front of you.” Said Vera as she jumped out of the tree. “Hey Nora ya like her.” Asked Reijou. “Yeah she’s ok.” Said Nora. “Well that’s too bad because if you don’t fight seriously she’ll kill you.” Said Reijou. “Wait what.” As Nora said that the gap between him and Vera was closed in a millisecond and he found a blade in his pocket. “That’s the blade you’ll be using against me, now I suggest you run.” Said Vera. Nora took off running clutching the blade trying to figure out how he was going to survive. “Why in the hell dose this keep happening to me.” Screamed Nora.
  17. Chapter 2: Recovery “Its been a month since miki attacked me. Currently I’m in the hospital healing my wounds. Reijou visits me whenever she can.” “Hey Nora tell me do you know why you were attacked?” Asked Reijou. “No idea.” Replied Nora. Fine I’ll tell you. You are like “us”. “Us”? Nora asked. “Yes, you’re someone who can harness unimaginable power and use it as your own. You also can use “familiars” like Miki and myself.” Said Reijou “Familiar” what is that?” Nora replied. “You see my tiger “Akio?” Yes. Answered Nora “She is a familiar. Familiars are being the possess a lot of power and they also spilt there power with their masters and give them power as well.” Said Reijou. “Like me my power to fuse with Akio and become a beast women. When this happens our power is at least two or three times what we would be by ourselves.” “Do you understand?” Asked Reijou. “Yes I think I do.” Answered Nora. “But from what your saying it sounds like people that can do this are strong, we saw when Miki attacked me that I was not strong at all and I don’t even have a familiar.” “We also saw that when I practically pissed myself when she brought out Leia.” Said Nora. “I never said you had a familiar but you can use one.” Says Reijou. “How?” Asked Nora. “Well in you case you are too weak to force a contact and you didn’t have one with you all your life like me. So I guess the only way of for one to either take pity on you or for one to eat you.” Said Reijou. “EAT ME!?” Nora shouts. “Its not as bad as it sounds…”. Said Reijou. “Oh that goo…” Nora says before he was interrupted. “Its worst than it sounds, first the familiar sucks out your soul before eating your body, Then you have to take control of the familiar before you body is completely destroyed.” “PLEASE lets get familiar to take pity on me.” Said Nora. “Ok I understand that is more pleasant than having one eat you.” Says Reijou. “Stop being a pansy.” Said a small voice. “Who said that?” Asked Nora. “Akio that wasn’t nice.” Says Reijou. “Akio?” Says Nora looking shocked. “Holy crap it can talk!?” “Of course I can.” Said Akio. “Only the strong can beat a familiar from the inside you should prove you’re not a just some waste of skin.” Says Akio. “No thanks I’m good the way I am soul still in my body.” Nora replies. “Hum… pansy.” Grunts Akio. “Stop you two.” Reijou demands. “Anyway Nora you get out of the hospital tomorrow your training start then. Rest up you’ll need it.” Reijou gets up and is walks out. “Bye Nora.” Says Reijou. “Bye pansy.” Says Akio. [in hospital hallway] Reijou phone rings. “Hello this is Reijou, who am I speaking too.” “Do you still want me to fight him? Says the voice.” “Oh it’s you, you know Vera a simple “hello” is how thing usually goes in a phone call, but yes I want you to fight him”. “I need you to bring out his true power. His power defiantly different than ours. He is way more powerful than us. He just doesn’t know it. It makes me kinda sick to know that so much power is wasted on him. Anyway I’ll see you later bye.” [At a Different Location] “Zero, well what are you going to do,” Says Shiratara. “About what?” Asked Zero. “You know what Miki failed. Nora is alive, and for god sake where is Kujo. You know Kujo is with Miki he follows her like a lost puppy, can you blame him she is like a sister to him.” Said Zero. “I know but there are limits.” Said Shiratara. “By the way I was to busy to address this but last mouth what you did, was that really necessary? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Zero answered. “I’m talking about the people you killed. Oh that, yes I did, they attacked me trying to bump me off before the Tournament.” Said Nora. “You cant be talking you want Nora dead but I’m not talking about the reason I’m talking about the how. I saw those bodies it was hard to tell if they were even human you had your familiar crush there bones to dust then you burned them, you need to show some restraint.” Said Shiratara. “Yeah yeah, I’ll remember that next time.” Zero said. In a uncaring tune. “I’m glad you understand, now then CAN YOU TELL BRAGO TO STOP BEATING THOSE GUY UP!” Demanded Shiratara. “Ok alright already. Ok Brago, kill them.” Zero ordered. “I just said show some restraint.” Said Shiratara. “Like I said I will next time.” Zero replied. Zero turned back to Brago and smiled as he watch Brago take their lives.
  18. dude for my story you need a familiar

  19. im done the first chapter http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=126396#post126396 but you can still sigh up
  20. Copyrighted by opem productions Chapter 1: Begining My name is Nora. Its dark and raining. “Today I'm running for my life. who is trying to kill me you ask? It was a girl I've known all my life and whom I love. If I remember correctly there's an ally way up ahead”. Nora ran into the ally way, but to his dismay it was a dead end. “Crap”. “What am I going to do now? It was already hard to run with the cut she gave me. I’m losing to much blood, my vision is getting blurry.” Nora turned around hoping he could run back it, but it was too late. She was blocking the ally way. The only thoughts Nora was having was, "Am I going to die here? I don't want to die. Somebody, anybody please help me". “Miki you don't want to do this,” Nora yelled. “You know I really liked you. You were my childhood friend, my best friend.” Said Miki. “I can't believe you were going to take part in the tournament.” Said Miki. “Tournament? What are you talking about?” Asked Nora. “At this point its better for you not to know.” Said Miki. She pointed the sword to his neck. “Good bye my Nora, Ill make it as painless as possible.” She clutched the sword and was about to thrust. “I guess I'm about to die.” He closed his eyes, and accepted death. “Stop!” Said a distant voice. At that moment a tiger way bigger than average appeared and smacked the sword out of Miki's hand. “Who did that!?” Miki asked furiously! “You know the rules, you can’t kill him until he get his familiar” The voice said as a girl came out of the shadows. “Aren't you that girl that just transferred to our school?” Nora asked. “If I remember correctly your name was Reijou Lee.” “Now back away Miki. Reijou demanded. “And why should I!? Your not the only one with a familiar.” Suddenly a angel in bondage appeared. “Meet my familiar Leia!” “Do you really want to fight here because I have no problem with it. I’ll take great pleasure in killing you” Said Reijou. Miki flinch. “I don’t think she joking, she really want to kill me.” “Crap”. “A fight here would take out the whole block and the only one that was ordered to die was Nora.” Said Miki. ‘You get to live today Nora. Your lucky this bitch came to save you, but I will kill you at the tournament.” “I'm leaving.” Leia disappeared and Miki picked up her sword and walked away. Reijou didn't let her guard down until Miki was too far to attack. “Ok, That enough Akio” Said Reijou. The tiger swank and turned just a little bigger than a normal kitty, then Akio jump on Reijou shoulder. Reijou turned around, “are you ok Nora”, but he was long pasted out, “Akio lets get him home, he's so hopeless.” Meanwhile in the building overhead, Yunsei sat on the rooftop. “I guess Miki failed to kill him I guess I should report this to zero. I wonder what he will do.” With that being said he disappeared. “OH MY GOD MIKI STOP!” Nora woke up cover in sweat. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up” Reijou said. Last night did that really happen, asked Nora? Yes-answered Reijou. I can't believe. [Flashback] “It started as any other day, nothing happening, like normal I was running late for school, again Miki did not wake me even though she is right across the street.” “Miki was my childhood friend, but lately she has distance herself from me. I think she is mad about me because I was playing a little joke on her. When i got to my class I meet up with my friends and we started taking know really of interest until we started talking about what happen on the news.” Friend 1: Did you hear what happen? Nora: no, what happen? Friend 1: Some bodies were found. Nora: oh really? Friend 2: Yeah I heard about that. Friend 1: Yeah but the way they died was strange. Nora: strange? Friend 1: Yeah they were crushed and there a some strange marks like they were burned but there are no evidence of fire. Nora: that is strange. Miki walks up. What are you guys talking about, porn? Miki asked. No Friend 1 saids. Whatever, anyway Nora meet me after school, oh its time for class. Teacher: We have a new transfer student. “Hello my name is Reijou Lee, it nice to meet you all” .Reijou says. Teacher: ok take the seat behind Nora. [After school] Nora thanks you for coming. Said Miki. Can we hurry this up I want to go home? Nora says. I'm sorry but you won’t be going home. Said Miki. What? Nora asked. Leia become my sword and a sword appears out of nowhere. she takes a swing a Nora's leg. OWW! Nora screams in pain then takes off running. Miki not far behind him. Nora stop running make this easy on yourself and just die. Miki said.
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