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      We recently switched nameservers for the kametsu.com domain. The domain's registrar did not correctly handle this transition (it did not respect the zone parameters whatsoever), and this caused a DNS resolution error with some DNS resolvers (such as with Google's public DNS, ISP-run DNS resolvers, etc). If you are just now seeing this after finally being able to reconnect to the site, you have my sincerest apologies, I couldn't have anticipated that the registrar would muck the transition up. Otherwise, the site's been fully functional without issues. If there are any problems to report, please PM me.


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  1. No, thank you good sir. ^^

    I'm just happy you posted that thread up. I hope to see more of your encodes from you as i continue to look for animes in this site.

  2. i fixed the gundam 00 links sorry it took so long

  3. Count to 100,000

    6867 yay were almost there ... oh wait
  4. oh thats good congrats!

  5. my tech teacher invite me to some kind of career meeting. i was the one of two that were invited. i met a lot of people that had more experience than i have. but besides that nothing much

  6. nothing much, you?

  7. sooo bored... so whats up


    i agree with this plan
  9. Life without Internet...

    i was a twinkle in my father eye when the internet was first being invented so i don't know
  10. How was your Halloween?

    i was tricked into taking my little sister trick-or-treat but i had fun
  11. The Chatbox has been disabled for people with under 200 posts please see :http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=27145 and read it all to the last page.

  12. hey mae what happen to the chat box?

  13. Count to 100,000

    6846 .................