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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Episode 12 Andre:I think I understand. Maki:alright well then, I’ve explained to you what it is so now let’s see if you know how to use it. Andre:sure thing! but how? Maki:step 1, concentrate. Andre:ok. Maki:try to feel it inside of your body. Andre:…Mmm. (a blue aura flashes surrounding Andre’s body) Maki:h-hey you got it. Andre:huh? What is this? Maki:there you see? That’s your element energy, but you surprise me usually beginners aren’t able to tap into their potential that quickly it usually takes weeks or months, maybe your something special. Andre:it wasn’t hard, anyone could do it, I’m sure I’m not special. Maki:Aw come on don’t be that way, we could use as much people like you as possible. Now we’ve learned about your energy and how to summon it, I guess now we learn how to use it and transform it into attacks and stuff like that. Andre:ok. Maki:gather your energy back. Andre:ok, Mmm. (the blue aura surrounds Andre’s body) Maki:ok good, now try to focus that energy into your hand. Andre:… (his hand becomes lit with the energy) Andre:… Maki:Wow, you really are a natural at this. well that’s all there’s for me to teach you for now. Ok Andre you can go rest and prepare for tomorrow, you’ll be given your first assignment. Andre:Assignment? Maki:yeah. Andre:…ok, but where do I go? Maki:oh right your still new here, come on I’ll show you where you’ll be staying. To Be Continued
  3. Episode 11 Andre:WHAT!? Saori:there’s a chance you’re friends didn’t make it. Andre:WHAT!! Saori:however there’s still a chance. Andre:huh? Saori:Andre, if you can tap into you’re hidden potential and become an apprentice you could have more of a chance to find you’re lost friends, there’s still time if you act now. Andre:… Saori:… Andre:right now I have no idea of what’s going on but right now I’ll do whatever I need to, to make sure they’re ok. Saori:well alright then you’re on. Kyo:Hmp. Saori:what now Kyo? Kyo:it’s nothing it’s just that you talk like such a little kid. Saori:WHAT? Kyo:Oh nothing. Andre it’s about time to go see the king now. Andre:ok. (Kyo, Andre and Saori walk toward the palace and head into the palace then make their way to the throne room) Kyo:we have brought him master Maki. Saori:sorry for the delay. (they bow to their king) Andre:Hm?...hey there. Kyo:UH!? (Kyo grabs Andre’s head and buts him down in a bowing position) Maki:…at last, one of the chosen. Saori, Kyo you are dismissed thank you. (they get up and walk out the room, Maki gets off his throne and walks down toward Andre) Maki:you’re element energy isn’t half bad. Andre:element energy? Maki:those of element warrior decent have element energy. Andre:and I’m one of them. Maki:well of course that’s why you’re here, I have summoned you personally. Andre:why? Maki:Heheh, I’ll tell you some other time, right now we need to start planning out your training plans- Andre:…do you think if I go through with this I can find my friends? Maki:of course, with the things you’ll learn when you’re done all this you and you’re friends will never be put in the same danger again. Andre:really!? Maki:yes because you’ll be able to protect them. Andre:…yeah. It’s not just them really I don’t want people on Earth just dying for nothing. Maki:it won’t, but first we have a dark kingdom king so the darkness can stop causing destruction on Earth. But for now let’s focus on your training Andre. Andre:…yes. To Be Continued
  4. Episode 10 (that same night, outside of a palace wall) Andre:ZZzz…uh huh? where? Kyo:Sorry about that, but I had to do it because you weren’t going to listen to me. Andre:…what are you talking about! what’s going on here? Kyo:*sigh* ok you know the dark vortex that attacked your home? Andre:yeah, it came out of nowhere. Kyo:well it was caused by an army of creatures known as unbirths. Andre:Unbirths? Kyo:yeah, creatures that are never were and yet they still are. Andre:well not sure I understand but. (Andre gets up) Andre:I gotta go and find my friends now. (he walks off) Kyo:Hmp, you know you’re not still on Earth right? (Andre stops and turns to Kyo) Andre:what? Kyo:you are no longer on Earth but a place similar. Andre:well then where am I? Kyo:the element world. Andre:element world? Kyo:So many questions. :take your time with him Kyo, he just arrived after all. Kyo:Ugh, Saori. (a girl jump down from the palace wall) Saori:you never had patience did you? Kyo:*sigh* then you explain it to him. Saori: ok, hello I’m Saori it’s nice to meet you Andre. Andre:it’s good to see you too Saori. Saori:now Andre, you’ve been summoned in the element world. What is the element world you might ask, the element world is a world where Earth’s elements keeps its balance, water. The world’s elements are set for sky, Earth, water, fire, light and darkness it’s because of the element world these elements co-exists together the way they do. And for each kingdom theirs a king, the king is the strongest person in their element unit, like sky kingdom, dark kingdom, water kingdom etc and there are the people who serve the king there are different levels of these type of people there’s apprentice, fighter, gladiator and warrior that’s where we come in Andre. Andre:so this place is the element world right? And it keeps track of the world and keep it in order. Saori:yes. Andre:then why was the dark vortex wrecking havoc? Saori:The dark king is missing that’s why, if their isn’t someone to fill his place then the darkness will go out of control. That’s why you were summoned Andre, along with a few others, to have your role to protect Earth from anything that can harm it. Andre:look I’d really like to help but right now I have to look for my friends, their waiting for me. Saori:…there’s a chance they haven’t made it. To Be Continued
  5. Episode 9 (That night at Andre’s apartment) Andre:… (Andre looks up to the ceiling thinking of Aki’s words) “Andre please I don’t want you to change” Andre:Babe’s changed? Hm? (Andre hears thunder and he looks toward the window) Andre:…A storm? But I don’t remember the news saying anything about a storm. Hm oh well. (Andre closes his eyes, Andre’s windows bust open and all his stuff began getting sucked out of the window, Andre gets up to see everyone running away from a large dark vortex headed toward him, he waste no time and runs out the house. He runs down the ramp and runs the opposite way of the storm until he sees Aki with a few other pedestrians walking toward the vortex) Andre:AKI! HEY AKI! Aki:… (he runs over to her) Andre:AKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! (He catches up to Aki but a portal opens and starts sucking Andre in, he tries to get out of it but he gets sucked completely sucked into the portal. Later Andre is shown laying on the ground sleep) Andre:…uh, huh? wha… (Andre looks around) Andre:heheh it’s just another dream. (he lays back down as a piece of wood falls on his head from a rooftop on a building he’s laying next to) Andre:OW!... Wait a second t-this is all real, then Aki, *gasp* AKI!! (He gets up) Andre:wait, how am I going to find her if I don’t know where I am, where am I? *sigh* this is ridicules. I guess I’d better find someone to ask around. Kyo:…they know you’re here, it doesn’t matter how far you go, how fast you run they’ll seek you. Andre:what the? Kyo:it’s hard to believe that he chose you to help us… why? Why would he pick you? You’re just a kid…and yet you look just like him, could you be the one who escaped? Andre:what the hell are you talking about? Kyo:…it can’t be, the son of Amayo. Andre:Pfft Psycho. (Kyo gets behind Andre) Kyo:I’m going to need you to take a short nap. Andre:UH…ZZzz To Be Continued
  6. yo Andre, great series can't wait for more.

  7. Episode 8 Andre:Uh!! What? Where?... I’m dreaming again? What’s with these dreams? (the next day, Andre, Aki and Babe are seen walking down the in the grass in Fairmount park) Babe:so dre how’s it feel to be a freeman and finally smell fresh air? Andre:Babe it’s so cold out here, what the hell is up with you? Babe:I dunno, dre let’s go to your house and play brawl. Aki:Babe, must we play brawl every single day we’re together? Babe:…no. Aki:SSeesshh. Andre:ya’ll retarded. Aki:can we just go home it’s too damn cold to be out here. Andre:yeah. Babe:ya’ll never want to spend quality time together. Aki:not every freaking day Babe! Babe:*sigh* man today’s turning out to be a drag. Andre:hey have you guys been having weird dreams lately? Babe:yeah. Andre:really! Babe:yeah man, Andre, Aki, it was a nightmare man. Andre:what was it about? did it have a woman in it? Babe:naw, I dreamt I wasn’t fine no more. Andre:UGH!! You idiot! I’m out, see ya’ll later. Aki:hey Andre I’m going you’re way. Babe:ard piece ya’ll. (later) Aki:…y’know, Babe changed. Andre:he’s still the same annoying guy to me. Aki:heh, that’s not what I mean though.*sigh* Andre:you ok? Aki:if the three of us split up, do you think we’ll ever find each other again? Andre:yeah, of course. Aki:…I hope so. Andre:where’d that come from all of a sudden? Aki:I just gotta feeling. Andre:oh. Aki: Andre please I don’t want you to change, I hope this feeling goes away soon. To Be Continued
  8. Episode 7 (It’s been months since Andre has met Andre met Terra, Ven and Aqua and throughout the days, Terra, Aqua and Ven have set out to learn the ways of the keyblade and has therefore set out to find Eraqus a keyblade master to teach the three young keyblade wielders of the keyblade and train them in the way of chivalry. Sometime during these events darkness have struck their land and mysterious creatures known as unbirths attack as well, during this invasion Andre gets lost in the darkness and gets separated from his friends he later winds up in a big city known as Philadelphia where he spent the rest of his days and there he meets Babe and later a girl named Aki, who moves to Philadelphia with her mother and the three become close friends, it’s been years since the land of departure was enveloped in darkness) Andre:Hm, uh, huh? I’m…I’m dreaming…I wonder if they’re ok? (Andre heads upstairs to go to the bathroom, he heads back downstairs and gets back in bed until his phone rings and he picks it up) Andre:hello? Oh Babe what’s up?...sleeping.. man it just turned 9:00, I do come outside I just don’t feel like it now a days. Well how am I gonna know who I am? Ok…ok OK FINE GOD DAMN. Ard I’m coming now. (he hangs up the phone and gets up to go up stairs to brush his teeth and wash his face after the he heads outside) Babe:it’s about time you got here. Aki:cut him a break Babe. Andre:thank you Aki. Aki:even if he is a lazy good for nothing. Andre:…gee thanks that makes me feel a lot better. Aki:it’s not suppose to. Andre:ya’ll make me sick, so what do ya’ll want? Babe:we going to the rock. Andre:*sigh* it’s too damn cold for all that Babe. Babe:….ok, then what do you wanna do. Andre:go back to sleep. Aki:don’t you spend time with us? Andre:Er…no, not really. Babe:*sigh* come on Aki let’s just go to your house and play brawl. Andre:thank you Jesus. (Andre goes back upstairs and goes back to sleep) Andre:…uh, huh? (Andre is shown laying on the ground in a unknown location and wanders around abit until he finds a woman looking at the moon in a grassy field, he approaches her) Andre:hey…are you ok? :…heh, it’s almost like yesterday I was holding you in my arms. Andre:huh? :my precise boy, how I just miss you so much. I wish I could be there with you. Andre:… (she stands up and walks past Andre and smiles) :you will one day return to this world and take your role to protect Earth. (she turns to look at Andre but a light flashes) To Be Continued
  9. Episode 5 (later) Terra:*panting* Aqua:…damn. Ven:*panting* (Ven falls to the ground) Terra:*panting* see? I told you. Andre:t-that was amazing Terra. Ven:that just proves it, Terra’s just better than us. (Aqua, Terra and Ven walk over to Andre) Andre:*sniff* you guys smell bad. (Ven smells himself) Ven:eh, we were working pretty hard. (Terra smells himself) Terra:the smell of victory if you ask me. (Aqua smells herself) Aqua: Oohh! This is so embarrassing. After we get cleaned up let’s go out. Ven: of course, but we can’t be out to late, my mom’s going to snap. (After the three got cleaned up Terra, Aqua and Ven head toward their hangout spot) Aqua:hey guys where’s Andre? Ven:Uh, maybe he’s still at the training grounds. Aqua:I’ll go get him, you guys go ahead. Ven and Terra: ok. (Aqua makes her way to the training ground) Andre:Hm? Aqua:Andre c’mon Andre:but where are you going? Aqua: out to play or something. Andre:… (she grabs his hand) Aqua:come on out with us. Andre:uh, ok. Aqua:Heh, it’s almost like I’m an older sister to you. To Be Continued
  10. Episode 4 (hours later) Terra: ok guys the rules are the same as last time, ok Ven it’s your turn today (Andre and Aqua sit as they watch the two spare with wooden swords) Andre:… Aqua:what is it? Andre:what are they doing? Aqua:Martial arts. Andre:Hm, what’s it for? Aqua:self defense. (Terra strikes at Ven and makes him fall to his knees and drop the sword) Ven:RRrr No matter how hard I try still can't beat you. Terra:heheh. Aqua:hey Andre why not get in there with Terra? Andre:uh ok. (Ven walks pass and hands him the wooden sword) Ven:goodluck. Andre:thanks. Terra:let's go. Andre:huh? (Terra hits Andre on the head and Andre falls to the ground) Andre:Ow! Terra:………..That was too easy. Aqua:a broken record. Ven:ehh, Andre looks like you lack the ability to defend yourself. Andre:yeah. Terra: ok Ven it’s your turn to spare with Aqua. Ven: ok Terra:hey infact, come on I can take you both on at once. Ven:What an interesting development Terra do you think you can? Terra:I think I can manage. Ready? Aqua:yes! Ven: ok! (Ven and Aqua go off to fight Terra as Andre watches) To Be Continued
  11. Episode 3 (Andre's pod comes from the dimension link and heads straight for a unknown location on Earth,a place that has grassy mountains, surrounded by flowing water. Three children are nearby to see the pod crash landing) Terra:WHOA! What was that!? Aqua:Ugh…I don’t know. Eraqus:should we check it out? (they head over to the landing spot and spot he Andre laying on the ground asleep) Terra:hey, wake up. Andre:Uuhh. Huh? (Andre looks at them and is broken in silence) Ven:uh...he’s the one to made the crash? Andre:... Terra:hey where are you from? Andre:...huh? Terra:ARE YOU A SPACE ALIEN?! Andre:Space wha- Ven: Don't mind him. (Andre's stomach growls) Andre:what was that? (the three laugh) Andre:… Ven:hey, what's your name anyway? Andre:...Andre. Ven:good to meet you Andre, I'm Ventus, but call me Ven for short. Terra:hey, my names Terra. Aqua:my names Aqua. Andre:hi. Terra:hey, where’s your family? Andre:...I can't remember. Aqua:where are you from? Andre:...I don't remember that ether. Terra:…well seem ok, hey do you wanna come hangout with us? Ven:this is the land of departure. To Be Continued
  12. Episode 2 (weeks later, Andre and Amayo are sleep in their rooms) Amayo:....uh (she begins getting bad vibes and wakes up to hear explosions and people screaming and fighting) Amayo:uh! (she looks out of a window to see destruction and people running) Amayo:no. (Andre comes into her room) Andre:uh mom, what's going on? Amayo:Andre, come on. (she grabs Andre's hand and rushes out of the house and tries to find Maki) Amayo:...Maki! Maki:Amayo! (she heads over toward the Maki who’s standing outside the palace walls) Amayo:what's going on. Maki:Gishin, he started a war zone out here. Amayo:what! why? Maki:he says that we think to high in ourselves and try to outmatch the dark kingdom. Amayo:who the hell do he think he is? We had peace after the first war between the sky and dark. Maki:well he doesn't think so. Amayo:... (more destruction occurs as the fighting continues) Amayo: (I can't raise my child in a world like this...) Maki:.... Amayo:Maki, get a pod. Maki:for two? Amayo:no just one. Maki:what?! what are you going to leave him there alone? Amayo:....no, he'll make friends. Andre:mom? (she kisses him on the cheek and then hugs him) Amayo:I love you Andre,please take care of yourself . Andre:...uh (Amayo puts Andre to sleep also erasing his memory of bringing him to the element world. She picks him up and brings him to Maki) Maki:... Amayo you can’t be serious. Amayo:Maki please... Maki:…. Gishin:THE TIME HAS COME TO WIPE THIS WORTHLESS KINGDOM INTO OBLIVION!! (Maki takes him in his arms and rushes toward a pod as Gishin opens a wormhole upon the sky kingdom) Amayo:uh! Gishin:HAHAHA EVERYTHING MUST DIE!!! (Amayo heads up into the wormhole's entrance) Gishin:WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING?! Amayo:shuukyou teki na. (Maki places Andre into the pod) Maki:set course toward Earth. Gishin:NO!!! YOU STUPID GIRL!!! (Gishin jumps into the wormhole as well to try to stop Amayo) Amayo:unleash. (Amayo opens her eyes and she spots Andre's pod heading into a dimension) Amayo:...thank you, Maki. (the wormhole begins closing causing a great explosion making a blinding light to unleash) Maki:NO!!! To Be Continued
  13. Ok first of off, hi my name is Andre and this is a script that I have for a manga that I'm making, and I just want people to read it and see what they think about it. It's a crossover series with several of my favorite anime and games it's almost set like the Kingdom Hearts universe, Hikari ochiru contains characters Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Naruto and Bleach and well me and my friends are the main protagonist of this thing.So sit back and enjoy the ride(I would ask that you comment and tell me you think of it please and thank you) Maki:... (someone knocks on the door) Maki:come in. (a girl comes in the room) Amayo:hey Maki, long time no see. Maki: oh Amayo, it's been years how's it been on Earth? Amayo:good. Maki:huh? (Maki sees someone hiding behind Amayo leg) Maki:hey Amayo who's that behind your leg? Amayo:hey, Andre come out. Andre:... (he pokes his head out to look at Maki) Andre:OH! (he hides back behind Amayo's leg) Maki:hey Amayo,i-is that your son?! Amayo:yeah. Maki:wow. Andre:... (Amayo pulls Andre from behind her leg) Maki:heh. (Maki gets up and walks toward Andre) Maki:hey, come here buddy. (Andre slowly walks up to him) Maki:well aren't you something, looks just like his father. Amayo:yeah. Maki:I wish he was still here. Amayo:...Oh, anyway Maki I was wondering if I could show him around the element world. Maki:Of course. Amayo:thanks. Maki:take care you two. (later) Andre:hey mom, do you live here? Amayo:yeah, born and raised. Andre:then why were you on Earth? Amayo:I wanted to birth you on Earth, because sometimes things here can get a little out of hand with people trying to take over the element world and I couldn't go through all of that with you. Andre:...oh. Amayo:it should be ok now, I want you to grow up to be a fine fighter someday to protect Earth and everyone in it. Andre:...uh ok. Amayo:come on,I'll show you where we'll be staying. To Be Continued
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