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  1. Since ichigo acquired his fullbring, is he able to see rukia and others?
  2. Goku. Luffy is a stupid character. How can anyone watch an anime with a main character with stretchy arms? Its lame.
  3. yu-gi-oh, dbz, dbgt, pokemon, digimon. Loved pokemon the most.
  4. There is a big difference between the graphics and the drawings. The actions scenes from 2008 onwards have improved much. What other differences do you see?
  5. Who do think would win? Kabuto knows most of what orchimaru knows since he does almost everything for him.
  6. I think Chad is pretty useless from the beginning to now. I dun think he has participated in much of the big fights... What do you think?
  7. Mine: 1) Full Metal Panic 2) Gundam 3) Code Geass 4) rurouni kenshin 5) Bleach
  8. They both relate to japanese sword fighting. Both are supernatural (Samurai X is some ways... mostly towards the end). Which do you prefer?
  9. I prefer LOL (league of legends) type games. What do you think of Dota 2?
  10. joshyruto

    Anime or Manga?

    Many of my friends would read manga than watch anime. Is it because anime is more time consuming? Cuz i personally think manga doesn't have any animation, thats the downside to it.
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