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  1. In 2008 i watched Trinity blood, and Fruits basket ... I fell in love immediately which then got me interested in mangas i watched dbz when i was younger but that didn't hook me
  2. I'd like to see a season 2 as well
  3. Thank you, it is a great quote.

  4. i loved the anime but when i was finished with the manga i felt let down... I was hoping for a twist or something i was super disappointed... I was hoping for something a little less predictable... The dialog was still awesome though... I love sarcasm...
  5. I just wanted to say thank you 4 continuing 2 give us a cool place to voice our opinions and feel comfortable while we do it.... I'm just happy you're back
  6. dim84

    Ichigo's Dad

    I feel like everyone else. I want to know more about him and ichigo's mom... I'm kinda new to Bleach so I don't know how powerful he's become as of late but it's been tripping me out that this random guy has all this power. It does give the writers some room to keep going though.
  7. soul eater, samurai champloo, claymore, trinity blood, I could go on... I love anime but too many of them end badly...
  8. dim84

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy. I also like dub as well, but I will watch a sub every now and then.
  9. I did miss the point... maybe if I look at it that way it wont bother me so much... Thanks
  10. I love Ichigo, but Byakuya is pretty awesome too
  11. I love this anime... But I HATE Rukia's voice... It just sounds so lifeless to me. I want to know what you all think
  12. I just finished 100% perfect girl... It was awesome and i felt sad when I finished it...
  13. Fruits Basket, I just finished it... I started watching anime then got interested in manga
  14. manga... fruits basket when tohru tells kyo she loves him and he walks away... I wanted to cry with her... lol I'm a sap
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