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  1. EonJone

    Fall 2018 Anime Season

    only these three .But i prefer to Go dub.
  2. which  is CTR Anime group ..i am  just checking xdcc..found .you replace 2-3 anime from old group to this one..

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    2. Catar
    3. EonJone


      oh..i didnt noticed..thanx for info

    4. EonJone


      i will grab magi anime 2nd season later from xdcc

  3. Is Mega problem have problem ?? i cant download continuously..I need do disconnect my net each time for continuous download..hard to grab Episodes   

    1. Koby


      Nope, you're just hitting their new bandwidth limit for your IP. Apparently you've got a dynamic IP so reconnecting your net gives you a new one each time to cheat the system. =P

  4. EonJone

    D.Gray-man HALLOW

    thanx for this anime ..Just seeing what anime airing..Awesome..
  5. EonJone

    D.Gray-man HALLOW

    thanx for this anime ..
  6. Is the Hunter X Hunter dub Episode is airing ?? Last week  their is no new Episode found on anywhere ..

    1. Etzimal


      Maybe everyone realized it was a meh show and stopped bothering to rip it?


      It just skipped a week. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hunter_%C3%97_Hunter_(2011)_episodes

  7. is their any good anime to watch in Spring 2016 Anime ??..Suggestion please  ..

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    2. GreenHartSenshu


      which anime are you looking forward to this year @koby any favourites?

    3. Koby


      Next season I'm looking forward to Rewrite and D.Gray-man Hallow most. This season I'm enjoying Re:ZERO the most so far. Last season I enjoyed Ajin the most, followed by Grimgar.

    4. GreenHartSenshu


      Rewrite can't wait for it  have been waiting for it since last year, i hope its going to be awesome.

  8.  when will Hunter X hunter Dual Audio BD Out??  

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    2. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @Harry-Potter I think he's asking when the official American Blu-Rays will be released.


      I don't see Viz doing that until Fall 2016 or later though, sadly.

    3. EonJone


      @Toddler Naruto     yes you are right .i need information about which month official American Blu-Ray are coming..Thanx for info


      @Harry-Potter     i am happy to see you back  to  encode anime .. i assume that you are retired ..i already watching dub weekly   .

    4. Harry-Potter


      I don;t follow the release stuff man. I just encode whatever I get. you should ask Koby!

  9. Confused ..What is Difference in Break Blade 6 movie vs Break Blade TV with 12 Episodes ..looks both same ..how can continuous  story after watching last 6 movie named as Break Blade 6: Enclave of Lamentations ??




    1. EonJone


      Already know u can  get  story from manga but need know their any anime released ??

    2. Emrys


      The Broken Blade films have been adapted and edited into a 12-episode anime series, including scenes never featured in the original movies.

    3. Koby


      The TV series actually cuts scenes out. 50mins X 6 eps = 300 mins, 20mins X 12 eps = 240 mins. So you get roughly a whole hour of content more in the movies. Hence why they dubbed the movies but didn't bother to dub the tv show. It was basically just a recut of the movies to make a little extra cash without doing anything.

  10. Is naruto ship Subbed Anime Filler Over ?? Is  it come to main story..

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    2. Koby


      It's not really filler; more like semi-official side-story/back-story being adapted into the series to keep it going instead of ending it. If you like Itachi then it'd be worth watching. Just from seeing the first episode I can say it actually has some new content we haven't seen in the billion flashbacks of Itachi we've already had.

    3. EonJone


      Well I  stalled at Episode 431 ..previous week aired Episode is 451.. Looks like i am behind 20 Episodes ..Thanx Koby and Deaththekid  for Info.. i will start resume to watch this anime soon ..

    4. Koby


      I'd skip the filler and jump straight to 451.

  11. IS it Durarara!!x2 Ketsu Dubbed ??


    is their any new Episodes in Winter 2016 Simulcast & Broadcast ??

    1. Pikanet128


      not that i know of

    2. Koby


      There has been no announcement so far... :(

  12. Something made by man that means  it can be destroy by man



    ***HEAVY OBJECT***

    It looks Only 3 Episode left watch to finish in Dub until 13...





  13. Due to the North Korean rocket launch interrupting the TV broadcast, One Piece episode 729 will air next week, Feb. 13th."


    OOps Wait until for next week>:(..

  14. EonJone

    [Voting] Anime of Fall 2015

    Heavy Object -watched only first Episode .looks fine to me ..i will wait until release first 20 Episodes in dub so i can enjoy in batch .. Seraph of the End great as first season ..second season watched firstly in sub and again start rewatch in dub ..also i am think start read manga of this anime .. their lots of things are still missing to Explore what is Krul told to Mika during death, Mika escapes with Yu, Makoto, and the rest of Shinoa Squad is decide save Guren and what is Guren history,also how many Seraph of the End capatured by Moon Demon company etc .. K: Return of Kings i dropped this anime after 4th Episode due source ..i think this anime must watch in BD ..i will definitely watch second season in BD Durarara!!×2 Ten as story move forward it become more interesting ..i totally enjoyed this anime in dub..Mikado truth revealed to Masaomi ..What lies ahead for them all?? One Punch Man- i only watched in first 2 Episodes ..look fine but it fight is over in one strike punch..that i cant understood in anime . Noragami Aragoto - i only liked first 6 Episode of Bishamon History and totally enjoyed . after Episode 7 the story move to Ebisu's god it looks good but i didnt enjoyed as first half season second. i busy watching old anime in dub .finished Terror in Resonance in dub yesterday also Kekkaishi remaining only 10 Episode to finished it..started watch Zatch Bell ..i think i start watch heavy object because their already first 10 dub Episodes are out..
  15. anyone interest pick up project making dual episodes of kingdom anime...their already  2 episodes dub out....