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  1. I can't wait to play the demo when Type-0 HD comes out! Also, does anyone else think it's pretty funny that this is going to be a big bromance road trip thing? Here's hoping for a scene like this...
  2. Apollo

    Persona 5

    That works out fine as well. If you are also planning on playing Persona 3 as well (you definitely should), I'd actually recommend that you play it first before P4. P4 improves on the battle system and many other things so some don't appreciate P3 as much if they play it after P4. However, I played P3P (Persona 3 Portable) after P4G and I still god damn loved it. Mitsuru ftw. I second this! I played P4 before P3 and was slightly frustrated by a few things in P3 because of that. They were little things, like not being able to get around as quickly (P3 lacks the square button shortcuts) and not being able to control my party members ("Damn it, Mitsuru! Stop using Marin Karin!"). I quickly got over it, though, and loved P3 just as much as P4! I definitely recommend both games as they are both so amazing I can't even begin to put it into words. And I've replayed both quite a few times! I can't speak for P4G yet because I still don't have a Vita (when I do finally get a Vita I'm totally playing P4G right away), but it's obviously the superior version. But if you're not getting a Vita anytime soon, I think playing the PS2 versions of both P3 and P4 is the way to go. And when you get a Vita, you can replay them via P3P and P4G. By the way, P3P is amazing (I played it on PSP). They even have a female protagonist you can choose to get different social links and slight changes here and there throughout the story. The only thing about P3P is, you don't get the "full" experience of Persona 3. The dungeon-crawling is exactly the same, but navigation through your school, dorm, the city, etc. was simplified to a point-and-click style, it lacks the cutscenes, and all your social links, conversations, events, etc. were simplified to a visual novel style. Don't get me wrong, all of this is totally okay! It's nice and streamlined. And P3P fixed the battle system, so now you can control all your party members. And they added the square button shortcuts like in P4. But I'm still glad that I played the PS2 version first before I replayed it via P3P. And it was cool because I had the male MC in the PS2 version and then picked the female MC in P3P, so I was able to see both sides. So I definitely recommend playing both versions (P3 and P3P).
  3. I always loved Majora's Mask on the N64 as a kid. Even though I never actually finished it, it's always been my favorite Zelda game and also one of my favorite video games in general. And I am so impressed by the 3DS remake! The graphics look really nice, and the convenience of a portable Majora's Mask is so awesome. And yes, it is so much different from all the other Zelda games. It's so dark and unsettling and WEIRD. And I love that. And thank you! Playing Majora's Mask 3D inspired me to make it, and I love Skull Kid so much.
  4. Since there were two winners last week, the current SOTW contest will have TWO themes: Tensai Okamura AND Borderlands. You may pick either theme for your entry.

  5. I have an announcement!!! Since we had two winners last week, we have two themes this week. The first theme is ParasiteEve's Tensai Okamura. The second is dn_angel000's Borderlands. You can pick either theme for your entry.
  6. Results for SOTW #181 have been posted! Congratulations, ParasiteEve and dn_angel000!!! Entries for SOTW #182 are now being accepted! The theme is Tensai Okamura!!!

  7. SIGNATURE OF THE WEEK #182 Theme: Tensai Okamura / Borderlands RULES: All entries are to be submitted by Wednesday, February 25th. Your entry must be related to the chosen theme. Only one entry per participant. However, you may edit your entry until the deadline. Signatures must be your own work. Entries can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format, and should be no larger than 600x220 pixels. Animated signatures are allowed. Pre-made signatures are allowed, as long as they have not been used in a past Kametsu competition. In addition to your entry, please also submit a theme idea for next week's competition. Please check the SOTW Themes thread to make sure your theme has not already been used. Please read all Graphical Division Rules and Forum Rules before entering. All rules apply. Only entries should be posted until voting begins. Anything besides entries and staff announcements will be treated as spam and will be deleted. Comments, criticism, and discussions should be saved for voting. Exceptions such as theme clarification will be allowed at the discretion of the Graphics Team. Complaints about the theme will not be tolerated, as this is disrespectful to the previous winner. As such, these posts will be deleted.
  8. Voting is closed, and our winners are ParasiteEve and dn_angel000!!! Congratulations!!! For future reference, in the event of a tie, we will start allowing BOTH winners' themes for the following week. However, this time, dn_angel000's theme has already been used, so we will just use ParasiteEve's theme. And so, next week's theme will be Tensai Okamura. ***UPDATE*** Since dn_angel000 finally came up with a valid theme, and there's still plenty of time for the current contest, I will go ahead and add his Borderlands to the current SOTW. So there will be two themes: Tensai Okamura / Borderlands.
  9. Just a couple of hours left to vote on SOTW!!!

  10. Voting for SOTW is still open!!!

  11. Omg, Irish, do you remember when we did a collaboration years ago? We should do that again sometime!
  12. I like it! I think it works well with this particular sig. It gives it a certain something, you know?
  13. You know I've always been a huge fan of your work, Irish, and it's so wonderful to see some of my old favorites again! The new one is just as beautiful. I can't really think of anything I'd change about it. I'm so excited that you're back doing graphics again!
  14. We're probably going to reset the themes after we hit SOTW #200, just like we did after #100.
  15. "OPEN" has been used. Please choose another theme.
  16. I fixed it. I totally meant to include names when I set up the poll but I forgot. Or I was just being lazy, haha.
  17. Oh yes, that is absolutely true! These types of posts would be perfectly fine. There will always be exceptions to the rule, and that will be left up to Athena and/or me to decide what is valid and what is not. But I'm really just asking that everyone please use their common sense, haha. Anyway, thank you for bringing that up! I will add a statement behind that rule about exceptions being left to the discretion of the Graphics Team.
  18. Voting for SOTW is now open!!! Please note that we have gone back to the old voting system of using polls.

    1. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      Plurality voting is criticized all the time; it's terrible.

  19. Voting is now open!!! Please note that we have gone back to the old voting system, the polls!!! And remember: RULES: All votes are to be submitted by Sunday, February 15th. To vote, simply pick your favorite using the poll located at the top of this thread. Once voting begins, you may reply to this thread and say why you picked the signature you picked, and/or leave constructive criticism for any entry you wish. Do not feel that you have to, but you may if you want. Keep in mind the theme and the connection between the theme and the signature. Please do not vote for the render/image, but for the OVERALL signature you think looks best. Avoid favoritism. You may not vote for yourself.
  20. Separate discussion threads aren't necessary either. We tried that a long time ago but soon realized how superfluous it was. I want to reiterate that discussions within the SOTW contest thread are totally okay and even encouraged, as long as it is after voting begins. It should be a no-brainer that comments and criticism should wait for voting. I have actually seen, on more than a few occasions, people posting their entry, others suggesting ways to improve it BEFORE THE VOTING BEGINS, and then that person fixing their entry using the suggestions given. That is obviously cheating. And that's only one example of the many ways these threads can be spammed. We've seen it all, and I don't think we should allow the contest threads to go back to being littered by the many variations of such useless posts as "I'll try to enter this week" or "I won't have time to enter this week" or "This theme sucks so I'm not entering this week". Or how about when people used to "reserve" a spot in the thread? I will never understand that. Personally, I think the contests have been a lot more pleasant and organized since the addition to the list of rules. No spam or drama.
  21. Well, no one is suffering any consequences. The rule was not created as punishment or anything like that. There has ALWAYS been an unwritten rule about not posting anything except entries until voting begins. But people started forgetting that and spamming up the contests. And got away with it for a long time. The fact of the matter is, it's much easier for Athena and me when we don't have to navigate through a sea of spam to get to the entries and set up the polls. And I mean, what is there to really discuss before voting begins anyway? I'm perfectly fine with people commenting, critiquing, and discussing to their heart's content, but surely it can wait until voting starts, right? And while the "case" you are referring to did not directly create the rule, it did shed some light on the need to change the rule from unwritten to written. And so now it is indeed written there as a reminder for everyone. I can't think of a good reason to remove the rule from the list, as it has always been a rule. The only thing that has changed is that it is now listed in the rules, plain as day. As far as removing the "respecting the theme" rule, surely you aren't suggesting that we should start allowing the disrespect? I agree that it shouldn't even NEED to be listed, as it should be common knowledge, but the events of the not-so-distant past proved the necessity of such a rule. I mean no disrespect myself. In fact, I appreciate that you took the time to reply to our thread and provide feedback. I was merely confused by it, and I was hoping you could elaborate.
  22. I think changing the day of the week might help. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'm too busy with work during the week to really work on entries. But I'm off on the weekends. The way we have it now, the weekends are for voting. If we change the days and actually let people work on entries during the weekend, I think that would help some people out. But I want to see what others think about this.
  23. Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had a good one!!! <3

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