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  1. Someone started doing this in March: ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKZK1mAHCHE For a full list try here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KatCassidyJr/search?query=pinkie Having fulfilled a req, if anyone knows of any 34 or would be willing to produce some, I'd be interested in seeing that of pretty much anyone in the series. Not only could I not find any, I couldn't find any fan art for the series at all... although searches turn up a lot of pixelated art of Pinkie Pie from MLP so it's tough (have to use exclusions in search code)
  2. Been catching this series on PBS, it's pretty good. Apparently started as a series of 1-2 minute shorts, been watching them on PBS' youTube. Even though it's aimed at teaching vocabulary it has a lot of talented voice actors (Dr. 2-brains is Ice King from Adventure Time, the Jeweler is Archer, Victoria Best is Bob's Burgers youngest daughter Louise) and a lot of nuances in the animation and subtle humor that I think appeals to adults. Anyone think C-W might get batches of the shorts/seasons sometime?
  3. Where has it said that you can't get more than one Devil Fruit Power? Pantyhose Toro from Ranma 1/2 got multiple cursed spring powers, after all.
  4. Probably not for a good while. I think if that's your policy (it's one I understand, but neglected to do for these hundreds+ monsters) you might as well wait until the manga finishes because odds are the anime won't stop until that, unless it gets cancelled.
  5. I love fillers, it's extra story that makes the universe bigger. People most aware that something IS filler (except when it's totally obvious) are manga readers. You'd think they'd appreciate content that's not being rehashed that they've already seen.
  6. Dubs always seem to take longer that's why I go with the subs.
  7. Say hi my friends!

  8. With the recent episodes aired, you actually get to see Jiraiya in some pretty bad shape, even if it is a flashback, it is very interesting. I have trouble believing Tsunade could have gone that far, I believe he was joking and exaggerating.
  9. MySpace is very strange because they delete things for no reason and they don't keep logs of activity so you'll never know how, by whom or why an account is deleted. Plus while they say they don't, they ban e-mails. But not IPs or aliases...
  10. Amazing, do you think she'll get the money or did some paparazzi snatch it before she went into rehab and then sold it?