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  1. The gunshot is recorded but the tape (or whatever) was rewound because it started from the beginning when played. Therefor someone must have rewound it and left the scene unnoticed by the secretary.
  2. I tried all kind of things to fix it like just unchecking "Just items I follow" several times, re-login, clearing browser cache, using another browser, ..... but nothing worked for me. But in the end I tried something different that worked: I logged into the forum via 2 PC's (normal one and laptop) I normally use and then logged out on the one and then on the other one. After that I relogged on only one and it worked.... strange Now I'm back to normal with no problems at all
  3. Hi I got a little problem with the new forum I guess: Every time I click on "View new content" I get to the according page. So far, so good. The default settings seem to be "Forums" + "Content I have not read" + "Just items I follow". Still ok. If there is no new content of any of the topics I folllow I'll get the message "Sorry, no new content found." Makes sense. But then the problems start: I uncheck the "Just items I follow" to see the newest topics overall. Works. But when I'm trying to switch to the next page either by clicking "Next" or the page number I'm suddenly again on "Just items I follow" and therefor get the "Sorry, no new content found." message again. Any idea where this could come from? Whether it's a technical problem or my own fault please enlight me Greetz Sera
  4. Right now I'm reading "Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories about People Who Know How They Will Die" and it's just hilarious.
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