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    One Piece

    so i have started watching one peice and so far im up to episode 94(subbed) it is dragging quite a bit but i think il stick with it just wondering what order and when i should start waching the films / ovas and what arcs the films cover ? i plan to at least watch everything inculding filler at least once !
  2. welcome , so iv been here a wili but i also hail from C-W
  3. elder scrolls - its still sitting here waiting for the day that i open it
  4. the enslaved DLC - its pretty sick lamo
  5. BF3 all the way , gotta say im loving those new maps
  6. i used to game from 7 at night till 9 the next day - at which point i would go to work , at this point i game a bit less
  7. its hard to say - ether MGS4 or uncharted tho iv been a long time MGS fan so ...
  8. from what i understand VC2 just sold poorly in the west ? something like 268.000 something units ?
  9. Since 2010 a group of self-confessed pirates have tried to get their beliefs recognized as an official religion in Sweden. After their request was denied several times, the Church of Kopimism – which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols – is now approved by the authorities as an official religion. The Church hopes that its official status will remove the legal stigma that surrounds file-sharing. All around the world file-sharers are being chased by anti-piracy outfits and the authorities, and the situation in Sweden is no different. While copyright holders are often quick to label file-sharers as pirates, there is a large group of people who actually consider copying to be a sacred act. Philosophy student Isak Gerson is such a religious file-sharer, and in an attempt to protect his unique belief system he founded The Missionary Church of Kopimism in 2010. In the hope that they could help prevent persecution for their beliefs, the Church then filed a request to be officially accepted by the authorities. After two failed attempts, where the Church was asked to formalize its way of praying or meditation, the authorities finally recognized the organization as an official religion. The Church’s founder is ecstatic about this news, and hopes that it will motivate more people to come forward as ‘Kopimists’. “I think that more people will have the courage to step out as Kopimists. Maybe not in the public, but at least to their close ones,” Isak tells TorrentFreak. “There’s still a legal stigma around copying for many. A lot of people still worry about going to jail when copying and remixing. I hope in the name of Kopimi that this will change.” Posted Image Although the formal status of the Church doesn’t mean that copyright infringement is now permitted, the Church’s founder hopes that their beliefs will be considered in future lawmaking. During the last half year the Missionary Church of Kopimism tripled its members from 1,000 to 3,000 and it’s expected that the recent news will cause another surge in followers. Official member or not, Gerson encourages everyone with an Internet connection to keep on sharing. “We confessional Kopimists have not only depended on each other in this struggle, but on everyone who is copying information. To everyone with an internet connection: Keep copying. Maintain hardline Kopimi,” Gerson concludes. Prospective followers who embrace the same calling are of course welcome to join the movement, free of charge. http://torrentfreak.com/file-sharing-recognized-as-official-religion-in-sweden-120104/ seems a lil nuts
  10. firefox 9 is a speed king ! so nah its pretty fast on top of that i have a pretty badass rig im surprised anyone still uses DownloadHelper tho would of thorught it was useless by now ...
  11. stuff like this mate http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V5M6GDIU pretty much just really stylish stuff , gaming related to anime maybe even films tho im kinda selective the wallpaper itself has to have a sort of "WOW " factor ... must be 1920X1080 or resized to fit by whomever , appractie the help
  12. finding good wallpapers is alot harder then that - im looking for around 1ks worth to throw in to rotation so i throught i would ask here first
  13. never ! no need to if you keep your system in good heath.
  14. just wondering if anyone has done or still do ? i used to play it quite often even making it in to the top of the leader boardsin death match for a period of time - there's not alot of players on ether the eflc severs or IV severs anymore ( PS3 wise),
  15. - Adblock Plus - Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon - Add-on Collector - Barlesque - ChatZilla - Controle de Scripts - Cutyfox URL Shortener - Download Panel - Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus - Element Properties - Extension List Dumper - FlashGot - Greasemonkey - IGN++ - Locationbar² - Net Usage Item - Remove It Permanently - Restartless Restart - Resurrect Pages - RightToClick - RSFind! Mod - Save File to - ScrapBook - Secure Login - StumbleUpon - Stylish - Tab Mix Plus - Text-to-Image - TinEye Reverse Image Search - Video Embed for IGN Boards alot of these i couldn't do with out - what about everyone else ?
  16. why has no one mentioned zone alarm at all ? i find it to be rather useful
  17. hi just wondering what a good source would be for finding wallpapers within the topic and size , mostliy after metal gear and dbz related wallpapers / TMNT - looking for a source besides wall base , im wanting to bulid a collection of 1000 to throw in rotation over windows 7 - il share what ever i have once completed thx
  18. well iv been on the scene for some time now just thought id pop in and say hi since its been a wili since iv posted on an anime forum outside of one in pertciuler iv still ye to update my MAL proply yet tho i guess it sort of gives an idea of what im in to http://myanimelist.net/animelist/mikezilla2
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