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  1. anime planet is an alternative
  2. http://torrentfreak.com/hulu-blocks-vpn-users-over-piracy-concerns-140425/
  3. so you dont take very good care of your media ? you do konw that cartridges hold bugger all information right ?
  4. The uTorrent development team officially released the long-awaited version 3.4 release of their popular BitTorrent client a few hours ago. The new release completely changes the way uTorrent chooses peers in a swarm, which ultimately improves download speeds while preventing DDoS attacks. With well over 150 million active users a month uTorrent is by far the most used BitTorrent client. The popular application began as a minimalist and no-nonsense client targeted at a BitTorrent-savvy crowd, but evolved into a feature-rich download tool during the years that followed. This week the uTorrent development team released uTorrent version 3.4. Aside from the standard bug fixes, new features and aesthetic upgrades, the latest release includes one of the most significant changes in years. Spearheaded by BitTorrent developer Arvid Norberg, the new release includes a new method of connecting people who are sharing the same file. This change is welcome, since the traditional way of choosing peers has some major drawbacks. “If [a BitTorrent client] chooses poorly, or if there are malicious actors in the swarm, the connections between clients are not well distributed through the swarm, leading to a large number of hops from node to node. That slows down the ability to each client to pass data on to the next,” BitTorrent’s Adam Kelly explains. With Canonical Peer Priority, as it’s called, peers will no longer be selected on a first come first serve basis. The new peer selection method will now give priority to peers who are close in the network (fewer hops away). This means that when uTorrent has reached the maximum number of connections for a torrent, it will still accept incoming peers with a higher priority. Instead of refusing the connection of the new peer, it will accept it and kick out a lower priority peer. This will help peers to connect to each other faster, and also reduce the distance between peers, which ultimately results in faster downloads. In addition to increased connection times and faster downloads, the new peer selection method also prevents DDoS attacks against larger swarms. With the old method malicious parties could flood a swarm with download requests, pretending to offer a piece of the file. By doing so, they could lock up dozens of connection slots, seriously degrading download performance by taking up space of legitimate peers. “There’s an opportunity to DDoS a swarm by filling up everyone’s connections slots, and continuously making incoming connections at such rate that peers won’t have an opportunity to connect to anyone else,” Norberg explained. With the new selection method this problem is solved, as low priority peers will be swapped out for newcomers who have real data to offer. uTorrent users are not expected to notice a difference right away. The effectiveness depends on how many other peers in the swarm use uTorrent 3.4, which will be relatively low for now. However, as time changes this is expected to pick up. Whether other BitTorrent clients plan to implement the same technology has yet to be seen. In addition to the new peer selection method and other improvements, the uTorrent team also announced that it will release newer versions of the software more quickly. In recent month there have been some complaints in the forums from users about a lack of updates and fixes. BitTorrent Inc. has put more developers on uTorrent, so fixes and new features are expected to come out faster in the months to come. This is expected to include a paywall to unlock premium bundles from artists. old news but wondering what everyone thinks ? http://torrentfreak.com/utorrent-downloads-ddos-140220/
  5. then might i suggest integrating google in to the search ie using there index ?
  6. yea iv gotten false positives out of the search function as well
  7. After 20 months of downtime the infamous Demonoid BitTorrent tracker has made a comeback. The tracker returned a few weeks ago, but the now the website is accessible again too. Former users are still able to use their login details, and most of the old torrents are still listed on the site. As the single largest semi-private BitTorrent tracker that ever existed, Demonoid offered a home to millions of file-sharers. This changed abruptly August last year when a series of troubling events took the site offline. When it was still down after a year, many gave up hope that it would ever return. Today, however, the site appears to have made a glorious comeback on Demonoid.ph, which the .com and .me domains are also linked to. TorrentFreak contacted the team behind the resurrection who confirmed the relaunch. “We are running a pre-launch today,” TF was told by the admin, who added that the site could go offline again for a while if something breaks. A message posted on the site’s homepage explains that Demonoid made some changes to the backend, and that there may be some glitches. However, several Demonoid users confirm that they are able to login using their old credentials. “The site is now cloud based and there have been many changes to the code. As a result, you might see some weird glitches here and there. We’ll do our best to have everything working smoothly as soon as possible so please bear with us,” the Demonoid team writes. Demonoid comeback The above is good news for those who hold Demonoid dear. Several of the former staffers are still involved according to the announcement, but for now it’s unclear whether the site’s management is still in the same hands as before. However, the current resurrection is linked to the old domains, which suggests that it’s indeed the real thing. Previously there were concerns that the user database may have been “compromised.” For example, last year a mysterious replacement surfaced, using a copy of the Demonoid user and torrent database. The operator of the spin-off claimed not to be related to the Demonoid owners, but he did have a copy of the site’s database. Perhaps in the future the Demonoid team will be willing to explain a bit more about what happened over the past two years. For now, however, it appears that the comeback kid has pulled it off again. http://torrentfreak.com/demonoid-back-140330/ this is great news !
  8. its been quite some time since completed the series , i recall something like what you are describing but cant recall the episode ether
  9. you can get them off deal xstreme , its not the hardest thing to replace but needless to say iv never replaced em
  10. what free GUI software can be used ?
  11. maybe make a forum and call it the uploaders forum as in somwere to go to discus encoding practices as well as different relaseses and software - this is already in practice on anhother forum and works quite well
  12. i meant for the site itself as no links = trashed thread
  13. so what did you end up doing koby ? in saying that 2 and 3 are probbly the best in the series and most of the old RE games were pretty cruddy even for there time ( having gone back and played them) SH on the other controlled alot better i throught RE5 was pretty lame really just felt really rushed havent played RE 6 yet.....
  14. i cant speak for all forums but arnt there link checking mods that can be added in to the software ?
  15. this looks like it might be okey ........
  16. mikezilla2

    One Piece

    im watching all this subbed.
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