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  1. i thought they were meant to bloat there releases ? at least that's what i understood from some of there encodes.
  2. heres an update - hits japan in October 14 so we probbly wont see it till next year some time http://kotaku.com/here-s-a-teeny-tiny-bit-more-on-that-full-cg-gantz-anim-1771746078
  3. if you get a proper ending im happy - heck yea !
  4. mikezilla2


    his dad fudged his eye........
  5. blood blockade is what i watched and a bit of triage X will watch sidonia when i get thro the first part - would have watched lupin the 3rd had it aired
  6. wow i don't want to be a prick but i cant vote lol those really arnt the sort of shows i watch .....
  7. the problem with super is everything has to pass thro FOX first
  8. what were the 5 sites that got the chop ?
  9. no. Google has a lot of our pages blocked due to copyright complaints. okey what about a search engine that dosnt ? im srue theres one out there that indexs all ?
  10. the real question is whens this meant to be becoming a thing ....
  11. appreciate all the work that gos in to this
  12. what can you tell me about the kawwi codec pack ?
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    One Piece

    so were dos 3d2Y fit ? thanks for that list by the way koby
  14. thanks badman and yea iv seen the intreview problem is hes later gone on to say he dosnt even no what it is he dubbed so i guess im more intrested in discotek saying they are interested in securing other audio, still unreleased genon epsiodes ? could simply mean the rest of the series that wasint dubbed ?
  15. sweet list , what about this part tho (Others were rumored to be dubbed, in part or in whole. Discotek has expressed interest in releasing them). citation ?
  16. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GKtsHcJOMI there are parts of the game were the new cast is just plain dreadfull and the old cast had no experience prior to this trivia - the voice acting for SH2 was acted out on a stage
  17. thats the new cast they used for the HD collection , ie not the same voice actors that they casted way back and they sound completely different.
  18. the addon i was talking about is for firefox.
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