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  1. links dead and nothings coming up in Site search's , any custom dual audio BD rips out there ?  couldn't find anything from where i looked




    Cant Pm you.

  2. would you be willing to Make Rips if i pointed you to a Source ? also Cant Pm you ...

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    2. Tooncore


      Someone actually did a decent rip of those images and it's on the same tracker.


    3. mikezilla2


      decent is one way of Putting it - try blowing it up on a 55 Screen tho  and yea i Saw that Rip - they are compressed Mp4s ....


      guess you wouldn't be willing to Take a Stab at it ?

    4. mikezilla2


      its also Stalled out


      its possible that i may not have seen the finished result of the current ones ....

  3. could you please Check your PMs for me ? :P

    1. Moodkiller


      Yeah will do. Been making my way through notifications for newest to oldest... and it's 3.15am Z_Z

    2. pixxelherz


      @mikezilla2 Just wait for it, he'll respond eventually, trust me. 9_9 OR - come join IRC and you can pester him even more directly. haxD

    3. Moodkiller


      I second #MK or #Kametsu chan on Xertion or Discord - I'm definitely easier to get a hold of there

  4. do you still have all your files ?

  5. hey just thought i would mention  all the links in this thread are dead , also wondering if all the episodes are available ? ( old series?)  thanks 



    1. DawnShadow.


      I don't believe I have any of the files anymore, but I believe the originating ones are all available in this torrent:


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