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  1. interested
  2. any Luck finding the Films ?
  3. could you please Check your PMs for me ? :P

    1. Moodkiller


      Yeah will do. Been making my way through notifications for newest to oldest... and it's 3.15am Z_Z

    2. EljayFlintok


      @mikezilla2 Just wait for it, he'll respond eventually, trust me. 9_9 OR - come join IRC and you can pester him even more directly. haxD

    3. Moodkiller


      I second #MK or #Kametsu chan on Xertion or Discord - I'm definitely easier to get a hold of there

  4. think i used to Have it not anymore by the looks Pity the audio couldn't be recovered and synced to one of the New releases ?
  5. the Problem with all this is the APIs often break and when the sites go bust or links die it gets rendered Moot
  6. cant seem to find any encodes of this yet or a source for that matter
  7. Klite used to have a bunch of redundant codecs i wonder if they fixed that there is also the Shark codec pack but think i might stick with what koby suggested unless CCCP do anhother update perhaps guides easy enough to follow Shame about KCP tho
  8. anyone have any luck with this ?
  9. if anything sticky the thread and have some of the uploaders put the link to this in there Sig ?
  10. @Catar basically taking all the different audio sources Muxing them in to a set of on-deed encodes i can link to the audio if need be - i think they might even Be presyced tho not 100% sure other wise there is a big main torrent up on ADC
  11. well there has been problems with demonoid but if i recall its back in the original owners hands at this point which apparently was stalling growth that being said i noticed they no longer have a forum the demonoid alternative domain was in action we had just that one extra back up tracker option it would be Nice to have that again and not to steel the topics thunder but it would also be a good time perhaps to Address the problem of hosting content that isn't anime ie cartoons
  12. @Catar i take it My megazone 23 request is out of the question ?