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  1. Wish he would Shop it to HBO !
  2. Patlabor 1080P Dual audio Bloat Not happening ? @Catar
  3. http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Project-Blue-Earth-SOS-Blu-ray/107132/ Are you saying this is an upscale and isn't worth having ? saw something about a 720p rip but cant find ........
  4. Project Blue earth SOS   would that Be something on Cards ? Cant seem to find a proper HD dual audio Release
  5. links dead and nothings coming up in Site search's , any custom dual audio BD rips out there ?  couldn't find anything from where i looked




    Cant Pm you.

  6. JDownloader Bandwidth Limit Reached

    jdownloader 2 Is broken ! In many Ways
  7. with Shark 007 it dos not install MPC BE by default ? how do you get it to use those settings by default ?
  8. would you be willing to Make Rips if i pointed you to a Source ? also Cant Pm you ...

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    2. Tooncore


      Someone actually did a decent rip of those images and it's on the same tracker.


    3. mikezilla2


      decent is one way of Putting it - try blowing it up on a 55 Screen tho  and yea i Saw that Rip - they are compressed Mp4s ....


      guess you wouldn't be willing to Take a Stab at it ?

    4. mikezilla2


      its also Stalled out


      its possible that i may not have seen the finished result of the current ones ....

  9. could you please Check your PMs for me ? :P

    1. Moodkiller


      Yeah will do. Been making my way through notifications for newest to oldest... and it's 3.15am Z_Z

    2. EljayFlintok


      @mikezilla2 Just wait for it, he'll respond eventually, trust me. 9_9 OR - come join IRC and you can pester him even more directly. haxD

    3. Moodkiller


      I second #MK or #Kametsu chan on Xertion or Discord - I'm definitely easier to get a hold of there

  10. the Problem with all this is the APIs often break and when the sites go bust or links die it gets rendered Moot
  11. Klite used to have a bunch of redundant codecs i wonder if they fixed that there is also the Shark codec pack but think i might stick with what koby suggested unless CCCP do anhother update perhaps guides easy enough to follow Shame about KCP tho