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  1. I so agree Elfin Lied was an epic anime and its also the goriest anime i've seen other than Higurashi
  2. My top 3 favorite anime songs are 1. Kanon(2006) - Last Regrets 2. Naruto Shippuuden - Hero's Come Back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdM_qlcyx1g 3. Freezing - Color
  3. omg if i found a death note i would kill all the governers, president and police lol im an anarchist
  4. I would like to know what are everyone's thoughts on Season 6 of Digimon aka Digimon Xros Wars. My thoughts are i loved the season although i really didnt hate any season of digimon because i actually dont hate a single anime lol. Yea i know its weird but its just how i am. Anyways give me your thoughts on Season 6.
  5. now this anime was a boss im really hoping they bring a season 2 cuz they pretty much left it at a cliff hanger ending which sucked in my opinion i hate animes that end at a cliff hanger
  6. i'd have to say my favorite ninja anime is Naruto Shippuden and my fav Samurai anime as of now is Samurai Girls
  7. cvillasana73


    well if it a joke the ratings of cartoonnetwork and adult swim will possibly plum it meaning it could close down. I hope their stupid enough to do that cuz cartoonnetwork sucks now anyways or should i say adult swim well they both suck now
  8. Read the tutorials.

  9. Koby can u help me please? i have no idea how to use the IRC thing.

  10. It seems the problem is the linkbucks page. When you get redirected to the linkbucks page, instead of clicking the "hide frame" button, remove the linkbucks extension in the URL. That should get rid of the error

  11. well i get this

    Oops! An unexpected error (369) has occurred.

    If this problem persists, please contact support.

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support.

    Click here to view our help resources

  12. Hey cvillasana73,

    You said my Devil May Cry post doesn't work. What exactly are you referring to? Are the links broken or is the video corrupt?

  13. also i havent had any problems with any other videos except those that i said didnt have subs >.< so i dont know but its probably because most of the anime i have been downloading are english dubbed except freezing it had subs and i could see them but i got that anime from a non-blueray one so i mainly have problems with the blue-rayed animes that are in subs

  14. uhm well i also use windows live movie maker to upload my videos to YouTube so idk any other players or uploaders that are good

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