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  1. I have seen the other dub, but I prefer the Funimation dub. And I'm excited for th next summer with the release of more episodes, I wonder who is going to do Wendy Marvell's voice in the dub?
  2. The Inuzuka clan, one question remains why she doesn't have a canine parther like Akamaru Also in fanfictions that I have read (Note: Fanfiction meaning possible theories done in a story format), that Rin is part of the hidden group in the ANBU that are believed to be dead. So this maybe true or not As I stated before this a theory if Rin is still alive, because she could have faked her death or not
  3. I thought it was really good, I had few problems as well. Also some of the elements of the movie are based off a couple of the story elements from Sonic Adventure 2.
  4. I so agree with that, it would be interesting to see their romance grows
  5. I would yes, because if anyone remembers that sometime after Hinata' confesses her love to Naruto(This is going by the manga/ not the anime); Sakura does the same thing and he listens to both. Naruto tells Sakura that she (Sakura) was lying to herself and Naruto hated peole who lie to themselves. So that might be legit proof the Naruto had listen to Hinata and he's not interested in Sakura anymore. Also after Naruto returns to normal from going 8-tails thanks to his father re-patching the seal, Naruto was worried that he might had killed Hinata by accident.
  6. Personally, I watch the subs and read the manga while I wait for the dubs for any animes like Naruto or Fairy Tail. But it does suck that we have several months for new dub episodes to be released
  7. I would be either a Soilder heartless or NeoShadow heartless
  8. I like these couples Naruto/Hinata Anko/Kakashi
  9. Personally, I think he'll be with Hinata
  10. Back-up? I guess, but I doubt or is it that they were worried for Killer Bee and Naruto
  11. I love Jiraya, he's humorous at time and can be serious. I can't see anyone hating him
  12. I would summon Hares, because I like both rabbits and hares
  13. I like both of them, I'm more of a Goofy Fan
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