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  1. +2=422 It's higher than when I was last here, I just hope that isn't because evil won yet. Also evil has no good treats because all the good food is heavenly =)
  2. Yeah sure, it's gonna be dual audio. Thanks for the offer, but so far I haven't started yet. Will soon enough.

  3. Cool is that the dual audio version?

    Also I'm a bit busy at the moment but after June my entire years schedule is free so if you need any help I could lend a hand.

  4. Cool is that the dual audio version?

    Also I'm a bit busy at the moment but after June my entire years schedule is free so if you need any help I could lend a hand.

  5. I be doing animes encodes in 720p and 1080p, but focusing on 720p more. First project is Fullmetal Alchemist The Sacred Star of Milos. Lol will be working on it soon.

  6. Nice what sort of encodes are you going to do and what's your first project gonna be?

  7. Yeah good point, oh forgot to mention that I'm getting into encoding. Lol once weekend comes up I'll be messing around with trying to encode.

  8. Yeah after getting caught at work he probably is regretting telling anyone =)

    Just hope that it all ends up OK. It's a pretty bad thing to be caught doing since people who like anime are thought of as being a bit weird but being caught with loli is even more frowned upon.

  9. Yeah there are so many amazing anime out there that I've yet to see but I'm on my way to seeing all the greatest that the industry has to offer. And thanks for the recommendation I've just added it to my downloads.

  10. Sure is, wasn't expecting to hear that from lemming myself. But you never know until you ask. I think he regrets telling me it now, since I been making fun of him and sending him some lolis crap, that he opened at work. I think he might even get fired! Hahaha.

  11. So you haven't seen Gurren Lagann?!? Well you're in for a treat, it's one of the all time best anime I've ever seen

  12. Yeah GTO might be the best I've ever seen =)

    lemming turning out to be a loli pervert xD xD xD that's gotta be the funniest thing I've heard this month LOL

    Damn I wouldn't have thought it, but I guess we all have our dark secrets =), and yeah poor girls but at least they're fictional.

  13. Thanks for the anime and the banner is really something quite amazing. I especially love how all of it fits together so well and how the beach background makes the banner stand out.

  14. Good, haven't been all that active myself, but I still post from time to time. Though I do go on every single day, since I usually have a few hours of free time each day. Haven't watched anything new apart from Okami-San and Guilty Crown. And nice animes you're watching, GTO is pretty awesome. Nothing interesting has happen, apart from lemming turning out to be a big ass loli pervert. Jeez, those poor underage girls ROFL!! xD

  15. If you're talking about the orange, beach themed banner that's in rotation on the site. Then that's Yoko from Gurren Lagann. It's no problem, I enjoy people asking me about graphic work I've done

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